Why Ezoic?

Machine Learning for Publishers

There is a lot to love about Ezoic. And mostly it comes down to the fact that they build AI technology that’s constantly working to make you more money from your content site.

How? Ezoic makes intelligent decisions on every page, for each visitor to automatically improve UX & revenue. It does this in a number of ways:

  • Intelligent changes in Ad size, machine learning will automatically learn how advertisers bid on different sizes and types for every kind of visitor.
  • Better Ad locations for visitors, advertisers also bid differently on different ad locations and number of ads on the page. Ezoic automatically accounts for both.
  • Premium Ad Networks and Partners, Ezoic Ad Tester includes access to Google’s Ad Exchange, top header bidding partners, and exclusive PMP deals. Publishers can also link all of their existing ad networks, like AdSense, to compete alone with these partners.

Not only that, but Ezoic provides you with advanced testing tools to run experiments to split-test and compare results so that you can further optimise Ads yourself.


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