Working in SEO and providing quality link-building changes over time, and Google is changing what a quality link means. If you want to build quality links in the digital age, you need to start looking to Digital PR. 

We get asked one simple question by clients: what is Digital PR and why does it matter?

Digital PR is a useful asset to understand on your website investing journey. This online strategy is used to increase brand awareness and secure high-quality backlinks. 

Let us explain more.

So What is Digital PR?

Short for Digital Public Relations, Digital PR is an online marketing strategy designed to identify opportunities and distinguish which type of audience and people would be interested in your brand. Although this sounds good, what does this mean?

Through networking with journalists and delivering quality assets to the media, you can land placements in trending articles from leading news outlets. In the case of Niche Website Builders, our in-house experts have years of experience and can secure coverage in ITV News, LA Times, BBC, CNN, Forbes, New York Times, The Sun and much more.  

Digital PR combines traditional PR media relations with social media and online marketing as we know it today. Brands and businesses need to adapt to online marketing to develop relationships and secure quality backlinks. 

This all starts with an idea: something that journalists and news outlets would want to cover. Journalists have been bombarded by cold emails from PR specialists for years, with some receiving well over 30 pitches every day. You have to make yours stand out and make it worthy of publication. Obviously, this is time-consuming and cannot be done by the individual in most cases, which is why we have devised an entirely expert team for this one service. 

The Goal of Digital PR

Digital PR has the same goal as traditional PR: improve brand reputation and increase visibility among those who may be interested in buying their services or products. There are many online avenues available and growing in the digital age can seem daunting, but understanding Digital PR and ensuring you’re doing it correctly is crucial in ensuring you can rank your business and secure leads. 

Put simply – any Digital PR campaign aims to spread the word about your brand and what you stand for. This can increase awareness within your target audience and reach more people, with a focus typically geared toward conversions. 

However, Digital PR is also about patience and building relationships. Marketing is important for your business and you will benefit more in the long run from the relationships you gain through your strategy and campaign. 

How Digital PR Can Help Businesses 

There are many ways that Digital PR can benefit your brand and business. From influencing purchases, increasing traffic and acquiring high-quality links to increase your Google ranking, here is how our service can help you: 

  • Generate Leads And Sales

When an authentic and engaging story is written and featured in a news outlet, you are building reputable relationships with journalists, readers, the media and their customers. This means you are generating more leads than before which is more likely to convert into sales. On top of this, social shares play a large part in any Digital PR campaign, as you can rely on the virality of resharing articles to take your brand further. When an article is picked up by multiple news sources (which happens frequently), you can expect an increase in website traffic and engagement, ultimately leading to more sales as these articles are placed in front of the right target audience in the places they interact the most. 

For example, if your audience is regularly reading a certain online magazine, or business, following a particular social media account or listening to a unique podcast: this is the perfect real estate for you to get your brand mentioned in. From online press releases, published articles and influencer marketing, there is a wide array that Digital PR can do for you. 

  • Establish Authority In Your Niche

With Google’s August 2022 “helpful content update”, it’s more important than ever before to become an authority in your niche. This means providing people-first content and prioritizing visitor satisfaction rates. If you can demonstrate first-hand experience and knowledge this proves to your audience you are a credible source of information. 

The same can be said when you are featured in an article from ANOTHER place of trust. When you effectively implement Digital PR strategies, you can be featured in articles from trustworthy brands, companies and news outlets, showing an improved trust in your brand that will be featured back in the search engine result pages. 

  • Improve SEO through authority sites

Any content that is successfully featured on a high authority website will improve your SEO ranking for targeted keywords. Through extensive keyword research processes, it’s possible to increase your ranking. Our team creates unique data-driven assets to gain top-tier coverage with our copywriters working alongside you to ensure you earn links. This is done through hard work, creating great content that is link-worthy. 

  • Boost Website Traffic

The more frequently your brand is mentioned in trending articles and in different places, the more likely people are to visit your website. This means you are going to see an increase in website traffic as more people are curious about your services. This is why doing research beforehand is crucial. When you land in the right place, if your brand is mentioned in an article that has readers in the same niche as you, you are going to attract a lot more people (and the right type of people). 

Most Common Types of Digital PR

Depending on your goal for a given Digital PR strategy (which is the first step in creating an effective campaign), you have different types of links worth investing in and different types of Digital PR that can benefit your business. 

Most commonly, Digital PR comes in the following forms:

  • Data journalism – creating a strong data asset that earns organic backlinks and drives direct traffic from a key target market.
  • Guest Posts – Creating and publishing an article on another website to increase backlinks.
  • Reactive PR  – Adding comments or data to trending newsworthy announcements or topics in leading news outlets. 
  • Sharing infographics – Ideally with context on blog posts or other landing pages to add value to customers and make it easy to share. 
  • Influencer Marketing – Securing mentions on social media accounts to link back to your business or service. 

In most cases, you can expect targeted anchor text to be how the backlink is secured. Anchor text is the clickable word linking to an external website in a blog article or page. This is how many press releases and guest posts will feature on your site, which is why creating engaging and relevant information is key. 

Of course, any good digital marketing campaign should focus on quality instead of quantity. Fewer higher-quality backlinks are stronger and look better for your site than various low-quality backlinks. As we continue forward through the digital world, it’s more important than ever before to ensure you’re creating good Digital PR campaigns.

Get Started with a Digital PR Campaign

If you are a business owner or website owner wanting your site to reach your target audience and rank in the top positions of Google, Niche Website Builders Digital PR service is for you. Our experts are scouring the media every morning, scanning for trending topics related to your website. This Media Morning Method has already provided our clients with strong placements and backlinks in Forbes, US Sun, CNN and much more.

We are testing subject lines, building out competitive media lists and pushing out strong assets to the media for your business. We use metrics and data to inform everything we do, because this is a clear way to show you are making progress.

We believe in becoming partners, not providers with our clients. Digital PR should become an extension of your marketing department, not something separate entirely. If you grow, we grow.

To find out more details about our Digital PR service and book an onboarding call with our expert team, visit our Digital PR Page.