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Expert Analysis

About the domain sourcing service

Our domains have been hand-picked from the thousands of expired domains that are sold each week. We’ve carried out all the necessary due diligence to ensure that the domains don’t carry any baggage, have great metrics, and importantly have a backlink profile that would be ripe for an affiliate website. As part of this service we offer a fully hands-off service that includes:

  • Extensive due diligence
  • An in-depth keyword plan
  • A range of content packages offering thousands of words of awesome content created by our in-house native English speaking team of writers
  • An affiliate site including all necessary plugins (AAWP to be purchased separately due to licensing restrictions)
  • Content formatted and uploaded to your new site using our proven to convert templates
  • A site finished and ready to earn you money

About the Domain:

As the name suggests, the domain was all about dating, crushes, love, etc. But it was primarily targeted at college teens.

The domain covered all sorts of topics around dating, from advice to, breakups. 

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The domain consists of 205 referring domains, 176 of which are do-follow.
We have some quality backlinks in that mix.

Let’s take a look:

  • (DR 92)
  • (DR 91)
  • (DR 91)
  • (DR 89)
  • (DR 81)
  • (DR 81)
  • (DR 79)
  • (DR 79)
  • (DR 79)
  • (DR 78)
  • (DR 78)
  • (DR 74)
  • (DR 74)
  • (DR 73)
  • and so much more…

The referring domain graph looks fine too. No heavy spikes up and down that we should be worried about.

Clean Up:

Every aged domain typically requires a clean-up process. Often, quality backlinks would be pointed toward internal pages of the aged domain. These typically would need to be recreated and redirected. A clean-up process is necessary in order for us to retain the authority (link juice) of the domain.

We are seeing that the majority of backlinks are pointed toward the homepage. So, only a handful of the posts there would need recreating.

Anchor Text Profile:

The anchor text profile can tell us a lot about the health of the domain. A thorough inspection is required when it comes to aged domains in particular.

Ideally, once you have filtered the referring domain from highest to lowest on the anchor texts, you should expect to see either a naked anchor text at the top (e.g or the name of the site (e.g Niche Website Builders)

So, let’s take a look at the anchor text profile: 

As you can see, we are seeing branded anchor texts right at the top, which is great!
Also, we are not seeing anything that shouldn’t be there and that’s not relevant to the niche.

The Strategy

When building content sites we generally recommend starting with informational content. Why? Because you can rank informational content more quickly and easily than commercial content. This allows the site to start gaining some traction before adding affiliate-based content or other monetary streams.

The faster you can build up traffic, the quicker you can start making some money with the site through Ad revenue. And when a site starts making money, you can use this income to supplement or cover any future growth.

Once the site has gained some momentum you can start adding in other revenue streams such as affiliate offers.

The Strategy For This Domain:

The dating space is massive. If you think about it, every single human being is looking for love, it’s part of life. The potential in this niche is fantastic.

Here’s our strategy:

  • Dating Advice, Tips, etc.
  • Content Around College Life
  • Content around how to deal with break ups, cheating etc.

The monetization can come from display adverts, of course, but also from affiliate programs.

In terms of affiliate programs that would be applicable to this domain, examples can be found in the extended lists below.


Our Data Project

It’s important that you have an idea of what it takes and what you need to achieve your goals within the website investing space.

Niche Website Builders conducted a massive data project, collecting thousands and thousands of sites in different niches to help us identify what website investors need to invest to achieve X traffic and revenue.

We took all the metrics, posts, and traffic from these domains and took the average number across all of them, which helped us have an idea of what sort of investment would be required to achieve X amount of traffic and revenue.

Here’s what the averages are:

So, to help you understand how much content and link building would be required for, we will need to put some metrics in place:

Current DR: 15
Current Posts: 0
Current Traffic: 0

So, in order for us to be in the average first bracket (25k-50k) we will need to increase our DR to 34, and invest in roughly 400+ pieces of content.

Now, this is an average, some domains depending on their niche and strategy can perform better with less content, or need more content or links to perform to these averages.

Because you are starting off with an aged domain, you already have a great foundation, a DR of 15, a history with Google, and an edge over your competitors within the same DR or less.

The Competitors

Competitor research is essential in order for us to get an idea of what competitors within our authority or less are achieving, and the strategy they are using.

The first site we would like to show you is, a DR 13.
The domain is really low authority, and it’s generating 115K per month according to ahrefs.

Also remember, Ahrefs does not represent the real traffic, only GA & GSC can show the real traffic, and typically, Ahrefs underestimates traffic by around 2-3x.

We also want to show you what sort of content this site is covering:

As you can see, it’s covering all things college life and fun. It’s also worth pointing out, that parties and dating kind of go hand-in-hand together, as a lot of people meet there, so we can somehow interlink some of these pieces of content. Or create content around how to ask your crush out at a party.

An excellent example of a domain doing incredibly well with low authority.

The second example is, a DR 14, with less authority than us.

This site is generating 25,8k per month according to Ahrefs.

The domain is covering dating related content, let’s take a look:

Using the “Tomb-Raiding” technique we could target the best-performing content on, and also weaker competitors and use our competitive DR to rank on similar content. For more details on our Tomb Raiding technique, see here.

And the final one, a DR 26, again, with slightly higher authority than, but once again performing really well.

The site is generating a pretty decent amount of traffic – 154K per month in traffic according to Ahrefs. The site has 505 pages.

The domain covers interesting types of content around relationships and dating:

Based on these competitors, there are HUGE opportunities for to grow and be a successful site.

Case Studies

These are all the expired domain sites that have been launched since we started running this service. Click on the images below to see how they are performing.

What’s included?

• A clean premium expired domain
• A website build including premium plugins (AAWP to be purchased separately due to licensing restrictions)
• 12 months hosting
• Professional logo design
• Detailed keyword plan
• A range of content packages offering thousands of words of awesome content created by our in-house native English speaking team of writers
• Content uploaded to the site using our proven templates
• 100% complete when handed over to you and ready to go!


The Aged Domain + A Website Build + Content Package

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