Welcome to another case study post – if you have missed what’s happened so far, you can start here.

By the time you have watched the video below, you should be able to:

  • Install Google Tag Manager
  • Create a Tag that fires an event into you Google Analytics account when a user clicks through to Amazon.
  • Create a report to show average revenue per page.

As always, if you have any questions then please head over to our Facebook Group and post them there – we are building a great little community of affiliate experts.

PS. This is the first time I’ve ever recorded a video like this, so let me know if I’ve done a good job and how I can improve on it for next time.

Keep in mind that the data you record in Analytics won’t always match your Amazon data.

For example, your Analytics could show 100 clicks to Amazon but Amazon has only recorded 80 – this happens for a number of reasons – things such as users clicking back before Amazon records the click.

Also, the revenue numbers you see in Analytics is based of an AVERAGE value. Some days people who click through will spend more or less than your average.

But overall, this is a great method to track rough revenue by page.

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