Niche Website Builders Show
Niche Website Builders Show
Luke Jordan on scaling to 1 million pageviews/month in less than 2 years

On this episode of the Niche Website Builders podcast, host James de Lacey welcomes Luke Jordan to the show. Luke is an affiliate marketer and niche website builder. On Twitter, Luke shares his case studies in real-time, announcing his process and results as he executes them.

On the podcast, Luke talks to James about some of these case studies, starting with his largest niche website. This site is bringing in over 1 million unique visitors each month. Luke talks about the processes he used to grow and built that website, including how the website is diversifying, with email funnels and a YouTube channel.

Later on, James and Luke discuss backlinking strategies, as backlinks are something Luke attributes a lot of his niche website portfolio’s success to. James and Luke discuss outreach strategies, what Luke is looking for on other sites, and look at a case study where Luke attempted to build links on just a £50 budget.