Niche Website Builders Show
Niche Website Builders Show
Jasper Pieterse with a Google indexing trick + foreign language case study

On this episode of the Niche Website Builders podcast, James De Lacy talks to Jasper Pieterse. If you’re having Google indexing issues, then this is the episode for you! Jasper gives us his simple trick to get his site indexed in one go.

Jasper runs multiple niche websites, and he talks to James about his process for taking new sites out of the sandbox.

Later, Jasper tells us about his big-earning site which was hit massively by the 2020 Google update. He tells James what impact the update had, the steps he took to revive his site, and what he’s doing with the site now.

James and Jasper also cover foreign language sites. Jasper tells us about his foreign language niche websites, including how his Dutch sites compare monetization-wise with his English niche websites, both in terms of ad-revenue and affiliate revenue. Jasper and James talk about how competitive the foreign market is compared to English sites, and how keyword researching for niche websites works in a foreign language.

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