Niche Website Builders Show
Niche Website Builders Show
Jaryd Krause on getting maximum valuation when selling + buying due diligence and selling more digital products

On this unique episode of the Niche Website Builders podcast, host James de Lacey talks to Jared Krause, back for his second appearance on the Niche Website Builders podcast. Jared is an affiliate marketer and niche website builder, who’s main business is selling digital products.

For this episode, Jared talks briefly about his background, before diving into a case study from his recent work with one of his clients. He and James talk about how he was able to double this client’s revenue in 18 months on a niche website originally acquired through Empire Flippers.

Later on, Jared tells James how he vets niche sites when looking to buy. He talks about what he looks for, specifically with regards to risk. The two then go on to discuss the flip side of this, talking about how bets to get sites ready to sell.

Jared talks to us about his mindset, specifically with regards to long term planning being preferable over short term focus. Specifically, James and Jared talk about getting out of “survival mode”, and discuss the benefits of increased revenue vs reduced hours and stress.

Finally, Jared talks about maximizing the sales of his digital products. He and James talk about how to refine your product offering, when and how to double and triple-down into niches that are performing best, and what type of marketing strategies work best for digital product sales, including email funnels.