Niche Website Builders Show
Niche Website Builders Show
Jacky Chou talks dropshipping mistakes to avoid and all things Amazon affiliate

On this episode of the Niche Website Builders podcast, host James De Lacey talks with guest Jacky Chou. Jacky’s extensive portfolio of niche websites includes Amazon affiliate sites, e-commerce sites, and lead generation sites.

In this episode, Jacky tells us about his experience with drop-shipping, including how he was able to successfully exit a large drop-shipping website. He also tells us about how affiliate marketers can take advantage of drop shipping, goes some of the biggest mistakes he made while running and flipping drop-shipping niche websites, and even tells us about how affiliate marketers can white label products for their own drop-shipping websites.

Later, James and Jacky talk about Jacky’s work with affiliate websites. They cover how Jacky acquires sites, buying sites hit with Google algorithm updates, website speed, and algorithm hacks for Amazon SEO. Jacky also tells us about how he restores aged domains, and the methods he uses that he feels are most effective.

Finally, Jacky concludes by telling us about his lead-generation sites, including his vehicle towing lead —generation website.