Niche Website Builders Show
Niche Website Builders Show
BowTiedWookie on how to 3x income on 1 month with a quiz

On this unique episode of the Niche Website Builders podcast, host James de Lacey talks to BowTiedWookie, an anonymous niche website marketer who manages a portfolio of different niche websites.

Through the episode, BowTiedWookie talks about how he writes and creates his reviews, as well as his goals for traffic and revenue growth.

BowTiedWookies also tells us how he used a quiz to increase his income 3x in one month. He talks to James about using the quiz to sell ebook products, as well as affiliate products, and how he used to quiz to increase his niche website revenue.

Later on, James and BowTiedWookie talk about disavowing links, which has been the cause of a lot of recent online debate. The two talk about whether disavowing links is necessary, and how BowTiedWookie handles it in his 9-5 job, where he manages much larger sites.

Finally, the pair talk about the future of BowTiedWookie’s site, including plans for adding an e-comerce element.


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