Niche Website Builders Show
Niche Website Builders Show
Aisha Preece on making 15k/m and managing a portfolio of websites

On this week’s episode of the Niche Website Builders podcast, James De Lacey talks to guest Aisha Preece. Aisha is a “digital nomad”, making her living entirely from her niche website portfolio.

In this episode, James and Aisha dive into how Aisha makes money on her niche websites, specifically her main website, but also exploring her second website, which has recently experienced significant growth.

While James and Aisha go into the specifics around her two most successful sites as case studies, the meat of this episode involved Aisha’s processed around how she builds and maintains her websites, as well as her online niche website coaching courses.

One processes Aisha and James discuss is Aisha’s writing team, including how she hires writers, how she helps them develop, and how she manages them. Specifically, James and Aisha talk about the process of letting writers go who aren’t up to scratch.

James and Aisha also talk mindset, with Aisha giving some great advice for people who are struggling with their niche website, or new niche website builders who are feeling demotivated about their site’s current situation. 

If you’re looking for valuable behind the scenes advice and insight from a successful independent niche website builder, then this episode is for you.