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Another solid month and marginal growth in all areas. Not quite as much content published as I hoped because I continue to battle with the reliability of writers and recruitment.

However, I have the bit between my teeth and expect a turnaround on this in the very near future. I might have too many writers…but experience shows that some fall by the wayside so that’s not such a bad thing. I just need to make sure I have enough work to feed them all!

Here’s some headlines.



  • Traffic up 15% from 6063 to 6860
  • Earnings up from $116.32 in the previous month to $130.12
  • Google Impressions up from 141k to 152k
  • Ad Revenue down a litte from $30.28 to $24.51
  • Keywords in ahrefs up from 4962 to 5427
  • 9 new links built
  • 4 Guest Posts published


Another decent increase of 15% in the number of sessions to the site.

Google Impressions and clicks up slightly too. 141k to 152k and 4.11k to 4.52k respectively.

Below the graph shows search console for the lifetime of the site. Still on a nice upward trend.


Record earnings this month at $130.12 with a nice split across locales.

Here is the breakdown:

Adsense – $24.51
Amazon US – $42.66
Amazon UK – $30.79
Amazon CA – $32.16
Total: $130.12
At 11 months in, I’d have liked to have seen more from the site in terms of earnings so far but I plan to make this a priority over the coming months. Every site is different, but at less that a year old, the best days are to come as the content and domain ages.
I’ve not really looked at optimising exisiting posts yet or really what’s working purely because of my limited time. However, with plenty of content and data to go on, I’m going to make a bigger deal about tring to optimise the site to increase earnings. More on this below.






Adsense was down a little this month but still pulling in a little money. I should only be a few months away now from moving to Ezoic for Ads so that should add a little on top too.


Content production has continued to be an issue. Finding relaibale and consistant writers alway seems to be the bane of an affiliate marketers life. So, this month we managed to publish 12 articles which was more than previous months but still not where I’d like it to be.

This is about to change though as I am like a dog with a bone at the moment looking to find good new writers. I may well have too many writers soon but that’s a better problem to have than not enough.

Which content is working?

With earnings lower that I hoped it would be at this stage, for the first time I’ve taken a really good look at what’s working and what’s not. It didn’t taken too long to see where the money was coming from.

I can break my content down in to 4 main categories.

Best x – e.g. Best Lawn Mower
These are generally high volume, more competative keywords.

Product x review – Single Product Reviews
Single product reviews of varying volumes and competitveness.

Best x for y – Long tail, often KGR (See my article here for a KGR example in practive) articles. e.g. Best lawn mower for long grass
These are generally lower competition, lower volume keywords.

Informational – e.g. How to clean your lawn mower without the hassle
Non-monetised pages that are there to strike a balance between paid and info content and to support topic silo’s. Generally lower competition.

50% of my content is info content, whilst 50% is paid content. The best articles are either info content of ‘best x for y’ monetised content. The ‘best x’ content for the most part still isn’t ranking and that’s because the site has not aged enough and does not have enough authority yet, which will only be improved as I acquire more backlinks.

Having never worked with a brand new domain before, I underestimated just how long it would take me to rank the ‘best x’ keywords (even at the lower end of competitiveness) due to older sites with better authority.

As a consequence, I plan to turn my attention to creating more ‘best x for y’ type content, and for the time being will ignore most other types of content, especially info. I’m happy for the info content to reduce down to about 20% of the sites so I have plenty of scope for new monetised articles.

One thing I should mention is that the pillar page I created for my first categories main keyword is getting the 2nd highest numbers of clicks through to Amazon. (This is the most competative keyword of all!)

However, I’m still only ranking 83rd for the main keyword that this article is targeting. The reason it’s doing reasonably well is becuase the article also rankings for a whole host of other keywords due to the fact it’s a longer, more detailed piece.

In general, my content is all aging nicely and I continue to rank for more and more keywords every month. Take a look at the graph below from ahrefs which shows the number of keywords the site is ranking for over time in the 4-10 positions.



Last month Pinterest bought in 777 visitors which isn’t pulling up any trees but accounts for about 10% of the site traffic. I continue to create pins for every new post and refresh them from time to time.

Skyscraper Link Building

I covered the detail around the skyscraper approach in the May blog.

In last months update I mentioned last I had been experiencing a few problems with my process which meant that I sent out far fewer emails than I planned.

Upon futher investigation it turned out that my process was fine but for some reason the search terms I was using to aquire prospects delivered me a load of junk websites for which hunter could not find any contact details.

Trying the process all over again with new search terms and a new piece of skyscrpaper content and things were working as expected again.

This slow down has had an imapct on the number of links built but I still manage 9 new links this month. Some half decent ones in there too but nothing showstopping this month. I only had to pay for one placement this month which was a result.

I plan to continue link building in this way as my time allows. I need to improve the authority of my site so I can start ranking for more competative keyswords and in general so all the articles on my site get a boost. In my mind, the initial goal is to get to 200 referring domains and then reevaluate.


What’s next?


More Content

Next month there will be a serious bump in content…I hope. With writers in place I plan to be getting as many articles out as I am able to research out the door.

As I mention above, I plan to focus soley on ‘best x for y’ content for a while in my new silo/category which Google doesn’t trust me for yet. It may take some time for these to rank given I’m building out a new silo but you need to start somewhere!

More Skyscraper

I’ve already had the newest skyscraper article written. I just need to get it published and take the time to find the prospects before launching the new camapign. I’ve not rinsed every last drop out of the latest skyscraper content by any means so I’ll be aiming to find a few more prospects for that too.

At the end of the month I have 63 referring domains and a DR of 14.

Content Refresh

Last month I said that I planned to spend some time with surfer SEO optimising pages on my site. Well, I never quite got round to that. I don’t think I’ll be doing much optimisation in the coming month either as I focus on churning out the conent for my new silo.

Maybe the month after and I may also look to revamp the UX for my calls to action which I’m not totally happy with at the moment to see what imact that has on clickthrough.



Everything still moving in the right direction but there will be an increased focus on creating and optimising paid content over the coming months as I aim to improve the earnings from the site.

Next month, the site will pass it’s first birthday.

Thanks for tuning in. Feel free to comment below of start conversations in the projects facebook group.

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