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Overall, I’m really happy with the hustle I managed to put in this month. It’s not always easy the things behind the scenes that I managed to complete this month includes:

  • Keyword research for 45,000 words of content
  • I placed an Ad for new writers as some of the current writers have become less reliable and I want to try and up content production
  • I sent out trial articles to 5 writers. None hired yet sadly as none quite made the grade. There are definitely a couple I could work with potentially but a couple of basic issues with each of them meant I’ve had to turn them away. Sometimes it’s easy just to ‘give someone another chance’ but I want to be as hands off as possible with conent. I proofread every piece but I want the editing to be minimal and that’s the realtionship I have with a couple of writers now. I figured, if this is a trial article and their best work given that they are trying to impress, then it’s only downhill from here. No hire!
  • Documented and created a checklist for my outreach campaigns. This should speed up the process in which I can find contacts to reach out to.

So, I’m pretty chuffed about all that. But it wasn’t all plain sailing as you’ll find when you read on.

Here’s some headlines.



  • Traffic up 17.5% from 5252 to 6063
  • Earnings up from $56.25 in the previous month to $116.32 (previous high, June – $107.18)
  • Google Impressions up from 99.1k to 141k
  • Ad Revenue increased 47% from $21.18 to $30.23
  • Keywords in ahrefs up from 2909 to 4962
  • 13 new links built
  • 4 Guest Posts published


  • Only 8 artciles published on the website this month


Another big bump in traffic this month (17.5%) and I’m pleased to see the continuing trend. On the first day of the month I had a huge spike in traffic and suspected that this was probably another Pin (from Pinterest) gaining traction. But upon further investigation I found that Amazon was crawling every page on my site!

“Ah oh” I thought, expecting an email any moment notifying me that my account was at risk of closure. Thankfully it never came. Phew!

So that the data is more accurate I’ve removed ‘traffic’ recieved from the Amazon Bot.

Google Impressions took a nice big bump this month from 99.1k to 141k. Clicks up to 4.11k vs. 3.45k. Hopefully we’ll start seeing more of these impression being top 10 in the coming months too.

Below the graph shows search console for the lifetime of the site. All trending nicely ‘bottom left to top right’.


Record Earnings this month at $116.32. Once again the US and UK delivered some income with nothing else from other locales.

Here is the breakdown:

Adsense – $30.23
Amazon US – $81.16
Amazon UK – $4.93
Total: $116.32
It’s no secret I’m a bit dissapointed with income at this strage given the amount of work I’ve put in and the number of articles on the site, but I’m sure the best is yet to come. The site still is relatively new at 10 months and most of my traffic at the moment either goes to lower competition information posts of lower-priced affiliate products.

As these pages mature further and I build more links I would hope to see better ranking for more of my key terms. Never give up!





Adsense had a great month too. Whilst the site overall gain an extra 17.5% in traffic, Adsense earnings went up by 47% from $21.18 to $30.23. Not much more to say on that. Long may that continue.


Content production is still not at the levels I’d like it and I’m still aiming to address this. 8 articles were published in August but I’d like it to be nearer 20. That said, there were an addition 4 guest post published with a few others written reading for posting so the actual number of artciles written wasn’t too bad, it’s just that some were placed on 3rd party sites.

As I mentioned in the introduction, I’ve been trying to hire some new writers but without much luck right now. I’ll keep trying until I have another couple to call upon giving me 4 writers to start to fulfill the requirements even if some let me down.



Pinterest is slow and steady bringing in 660 sessions in the last month. A lot of the articles we’re writing are not that captivating for Pinterest but I’m considering changing the informational artciles to be more interesting ‘click bait’ type articles. However, I’m not sure these articles will ultimately lead to a sale so I’ll need to strike a balance somewhere of accept that these artciles will just gain Ad revenue.


Skyscraper Link Building

I covered the detail around this approach in the May blog. I have mixed feelings about link building this month. On one hand I’m extatic to have built 13 new links to the website and I’m still not running at full throttle.

This month I decided to make small payments for some links. I’ve set myself a maximum budget of $25 per link and it has to be a half decent DR too. This month the links I paid for were DR49, DR47, DR40 and DR23 so quite happy with that.

I don’t plan on paying for the majority of my links but a few links for a decent price among my link profile will be just fine.

On the flipside, link building has slowed down. I had real problems with my process and kept getting far less email addresses that I should have done for the number of websites I was prospecting. I just could not work out where the issue was. And I’m still not sure.

As I mentioned in the introduction, I’ve now created a checklist for me to follow which I hope will enable me to find prospects more quickly and avoid any errors in my process that may mean I’m not getting the results I expect.

I did want to be link building at full throttle continuously and right now not as many emails are going out as there could be (although not none!). Now I have the process in place it should be easier but given the amount of time I have available I don’t think that I can do this alone at the level I want to.

Therefore when I get a moment I plan to hire a VA to help with the time consuming task of gathering prospects. I may also hire another VA to handle the email negotiations but this will take a bit more training.

I.m certain that the links built so far (24) have had a positive effect on traffic to the site despite the fact links are only currently going to the skyscraper content and not the ‘money pages’. The increase in impressions was observable the moment the links started coming in.


Amazon Associates Updates

If you are a regular reader you’ll know I’ve expressed a lot of frustration with the Amazon Associates program. In particular with the lack of feedback on why my site has been rejected by If you’re catching up, check out my email exchange with Amazon in this blog.

This aforementioned email exchange was with They would not tell me what was wrong with the site so I could not fix it. As a consequence I just reapplied and hoped to get through on the second attempt.

In my experiece, it seems that the people who review the sites have a target to reject a certain percentage so they try to find something wrong. I’m was just hoping that at this time they find something more obvious to fix.

Well, out of the blue I got an email saying that I had been approved on to the program and that’s without making any sales. WTF! There weird thing is that the email came from and not I’ve had Canada sales this month (now Spetember) so maybe it’s an error and it should have been acceptance to the program. Who knows. I’ll not ask any questions for fear of digging up issues.

Secondly, my account with the program has been closed as it’s only open to Australian citizens at this time. This is no big loss given that I’ve not managed to make any sales. I’m sure if I really wanted to have an account in Australia, I could find a way around it but until I get a lot of traffic in Australia, it’s not even worth looking in to.


What’s next?


More Content

Once again I plan to keep pumping out the content and I hope next month at an ever increasing rate. I’ve reserched plenty of artices (but need to do more) so i just need to get the writers up to speed this up.

More Skyscraper

I expect this month will be a month of transition as I acquire more prospects myself whilst simultaniously trying to hire some support. Hopefully from October onwards we’ll really see the link building gaining the attention it needs.

Content Refresh

As the site comes up to a year old I plan to start reviewing and refreshing the oldest content on the site. This will be to optimise the pages in terms of onsite SEO and also to freshen up the content in the eyes of Google. I’ve heard good things about Surfer SEO so will give this a run out when the time comes. Content refresh will start in November.



I’m pleased with the increase in sessions, earnings, links and a lot of things this month. I’d like to see a bit more in terms of traffic and in particular earnings but I know if I keep plugging away this will all come. The site is still only 10 months old afterall.

Thanks for tuning in. Feel free to comment below of start conversations in the projects facebook group.

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