Doug Cunnington of the Niche Site Project and the Doug Show, has contributed a case study following his experiences with Niche Website Builders.

This is the second update for the case study of publishing about 200k words of content in 4 months.

The content is on a site that is just under two years old, started in July of 2020.

In the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve published 2 of the 4 batches of content which is 86 articles.

It looks like traffic is picking up a little bit already!

However earnings are down a little bit from March and April.

So we’ll go through the traffic, revenue including the eMPV from Ezoic, and how long it took for Google to index the first 86 articles.

Then, what’s coming up for the next few weeks.

Check out the first blog update if you need to get up to speed. Plus, I’ve  been publishing podcast and YouTube videos to track different topics along the way.

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  2. Podcast Update 2 on the Doug Show
  3. How Long to Index 47 Articles Published in One Day on YouTube


Overall the traffic is ticking up just a little bit. Here is Google Analytics February to May 2022.

Generally, been growing since the beginning, once out of the sand box.

  • Dec 47.6k
  • Jan 62.3k
  • Feb 57.4k
  • Mar 55.9k
  • Apr 61.2k
  • May 70.0k (projected)

Here are the stats for March, April, and part of May.

You can see some little blips of what seem to be spam traffic, which are probably bots of some kind.

So it’s good to look at Google Search Console too. Looking at the clicks from search is a good way to see the traffic from actually ranking in Google and removes the bot and spammy traffic.

While I’m in the search console, I look at the impressions as well. That’s great to see when you publish new content as a sign that Google is ranking some of your new content.

In the next update, I’ll share the traffic stats for the newest posts that I published for the case study.

Earnings – Display Ads and Affiliate Revenue

I was happy to see traffic ticking up over the last few weeks.

But the earnings didn’t go up!

The reason is the earnings per visitor went down. So we can see that with the ePMV each month.

Ezoic Revenue, including Premium

Feb – $623 | EMPV $13.30 (high of $17)

Mar – $662 | EMPV $13.06 (high of $15.60)

Apr – $578 | EMPV $11.17 (high of $13.24)

(projected) May – $587 | EMPV $9.46 (high of $11.27)

It’s a general topic blog so that means it’s a general audience. I suspect that’s why the ePMV is on the lower side. We have seen it higher, especially in February and March.

I did get some tips from my account manager at Ezoic. So I will make sure to do those things, including adding Google Adsense and The Mediation App. I thought I did this before, but apparently I missed it.

The Key to FAST Indexing??

I published 47 posts in batch 1 and 39 in batch 2. In both batches, all of the content was indexed by the next day or so.

I didn’t do anything special — I just published the content and kept drinking my coffee.

This is surprising since so many people have trouble with getting new content indexed. I hear from people each week that publish content and posts fall out of Google’s index all the time.

It happens to blogs with hundreds of posts and that are already out of the Google sandbox.

And I don’t have an answer about why!

I’ve asked many of my friends over the last few months, too. They just publish content and don’t try to force index the urls with the Search Console. They don’t use other submission tactics either.

The common thread is that my site and my friends’ sites have plenty of backlinks. Our sites also get some traffic.

I think your site needs to be out of the Google sandbox, so over 1 year old. You don’t necessarily have to have backlinks, but it seems to help a lot.

Niche Website Builders worked on a shotgun skyscraper campaign from the first month. The Domain Rating went from 0 to 48 in 6 months or so. It’s in the low to mid 50s right now. We ran that campaign for 6 months. After that, some natural links show up every now and then.

What’s Coming Up?

The next batch (#3) of content should be drafted in the next few days so that’ll be about 49 articles. I’ll follow the same strategy of publishing the content as quickly as possible.

More Keywords

I need to find about 45 more keywords for the last batch (#4) of content. I’m continuing to focus on informational keywords, which I’ll never run out of in this particular niche.

Niche Website Builders found a lot of Tomb Raider keywords so we used all those up already.

Once this content sprint is done, I might go back to some product review keywords, but I’m not 100% sure.

More Images

The content comes with 1 stock image. But I learned from Adam Smith that having more images will allow more ad placeholders on your site. That means you can earn more since a visitor will see more ads.

And having more images will usually be more interesting for a website visitor. So I plan on having my virtual assistant add more images to all the new content.

Make Sure Adsense is Properly Integrated with Ezoic

The steps look pretty easy to integrate Adsense with Ezoic. I’m not sure how I missed it before!

It’s not guaranteed to increase earnings, but it shouldn’t hurt anything.

Keep Monitoring Traffic and Impressions

Seeing the impressions go up on the Search Console is a good indicator that new content is starting to rank.

It’s well accepted that your new content might need to age for few months before it starts ranking well. I’ve heard people say that they give new content 6 months to a year to age. They might go back and improve the content or add some frequently asked questions in the meantime.

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