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MONTH 8: JUNE 2019

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New life




What's next?








Skyscraper Update









New Life

First and foremost this month was a big month. This happened.


My wife gave birth to our 3rd child, a little girl. Everything went as it was supposed to and the baby was born safely at home. Perfect.

I took 2 weeks off from all work and now I’m back to fight another day growing my niche empire with another mouth to feed!


  • First $100 month!
  • 35.12% increase in Earnings



Organic sessions were about the same this month as the previous month (up 1%). The reason the total sessions are down a little this month (-2.12%) is simply down to the fact that last months Pinterest spike was bigger than this months as you can see from above.

But, again I had a pin do really well on Pinterest and got a couple of good days out of it.

As you can see from the active users report below, as the month comes to a close we’re getting a good increase in organic traffic. My two pinterest spikes are clearly visible but the incline at the end…all organic (well mostly).

Google Impressions down marginly from 78.3k to 75.8k this month but you can see that over the course of the month there is a good upward trend. 

Below you can see this even clearer. This graph shows the impression changes over the course of the whole project. SEO tends to work in waves like this, you see no change for a while, you start to lose faith and doubt yourself for a while but you keep doing the right things and then you get a surge.

Fingers crossed, I think we’ll be on for a record month again next month.


Despite the fact organic traffic was much the same this month, we did see another nice increase in earnings and our first $100 month! 

Here is a breakdown:

Adsense – $13.68
Amazon US – $74.71
Amazon UK – $15.35
Amazon IN – $0
Amazon CA – $3.44
Amazon AUS – $0
Amazon DE – $0
Total: $107.18 (up 35.12%)


Our success this month was primarily down to a big increase in US commission (up from ($16.76). But the UK commission also doubled too. 2 reasonably large orders make up more than 50% of the US commission so hopefully we’ll see more large orders again this month.

As my primary keywords start to rank higher this should mean that the average order value is larger too. I think this is still a few months away though once we’re really generating a lot more links to the website. 








Second full month of using Adsense and unsurprisingly it’s about the same in earnings as last month given that sessions were about the same. £10.93 this month vs. £10.70 last month.


Back on track this month somewhat with 15 new articles published. The keywords for these artciles were mostly found using competitor keyword research tactics to find what keywords my competitors are ranking for and target those that I’m not targetted yet. 

Definitely interested to see how these work out of the next couple of months.



Pinterest is continuing to do well. The data shows a 25% decrease in Pinterest traffic for the month but again that is down to the fact that the spike was bigger in May than June. If I look at some data that takes the spikes out of the equaltion we see a much healthier 165% increase in Pinterest traffic.

It seems that Pinterest is now starting to move. Hopefully this win continue.

Here’s with spikes:

Without spikes:

Skyscraper Link Building

I covered the detail around this approach in last months blog. But, this month things actually got moving. First emails went out around the 9th of June and over the course of the month I picked up 3 new links to my blog created for skyscraper outreach.

I think the blog is great, but I am starting to wonder whether this is a topic that has been written about a bit too many times before and people are tired of it. I feel like some of the reponses I am getting feel that way. A little early to tell.

I have 2 other skyscraper artciles written but they need to be formatted, uploaded and may need some artwork designed. Both are around 5,000 words each too.

About 1,300 emails have been sent which seems like a pretty low hit rate but I do have several other leads in the pipeline from this capaign. It’s also worth mentioning that of the 1,300 emails sent this includes up to 3 follow ups to the same contacts.

As I mentioned last month. You have to warm up your email account when doing this kind of outreach so you don’t attract the attention of spam filters. You can’t just start sending 300 emails in a day.

I started with 25 per day at the start of the campaign and I have slowly increased this to around 75 per day by the end of June. The goal is to get to 300 emails per day in August sometime. The biggest challenge then is to continue feeding the machine new email addresses.


What’s next?


More Content

Simple, it’s more of the same for now. A couple of my writers have become less reliable and my best one is taking 6 weeks off over the summer so it looks like recruitment time again. It’s important that I can pushing the content through at a decent rate.


More Skyscraper

I’ve 2 new skyscrpaer articles written. I want to ramp up links to the site which means more skyscraper outreach. It’s a laborius task but I’ll be aquiring email addresses for outreach this month again and will aim to get the next couple of month skyscraper campaigns ready to run on autopilot.

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