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About the domain sourcing service

Our domains have been hand-picked from the thousands of expired domains that are sold each week. We’ve carried out all the necessary due diligence to ensure that the domains don’t carry any baggage, have great metrics, and importantly have a backlink profile that would be ripe for an affiliate website. As part of this service we offer a fully hands-off service that includes:

  • Extensive due diligence
  • An in-depth keyword plan
  • 100,000 words of awesome content created by our in-house native English speaking team of writers
  • An affiliate site including all necessary plugins (AAWP to be purchased separately due to licensing restrictions)
  • Content formatted and uploaded to your new site using our proven to convert templates
  • A site finished and ready to earn you money


This winery domain was first picked up by Wayback Machine in 2006 as a site for the Ohio Grape Industries Committee.

The Ohio Grape Industries Committee was an organization responsible for Creating viable, income-producing grape enterprises in the state of Ohio. They provided marketing and promotional efforts to generate and expand new markets for grapes and grape products, as well as research to improve the quality of grapes and profitability of grape growing as an agri-business. 

The site published advice on wine pairings, tips for wine choices and advice on buying and storing wines in Ohio.

This is a great domain with many high authority links (see below).

Any questions about this domain?

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Backlink Profile

This domain has some great relevant authority domains in the winery space. The backlink profile is made up of 190 referring domains (150 dofollow). 

Let’s take a look at some of the domains dofollow links:

  • (DR90)
  • (DR89)
  • (DR87)
  • (DR85)
  • (DR83)
  • (DR81)
  • (DR80)
  • (DR77)
  • (DR71)
  • (DR63) 
  • (DR63)
  • and more…

Historical Traffic

Sites that had good historical traffic is another great signal demonstrating that Google valued this domain when it was live rewarding it with traffic. As you can see, SEMRush shows that this site peaked in terms of traffic at around 4K (but SEMRush generally underestimates traffic by around 2-3x so it was likely significantly more).

The domain ceased activity in early 2018. The good news, however, is that this domain should pick up pretty quickly as 21 pages are still indexed.

What Would We Do?

We would build a winery site with helpful informational articles monetized through ad revenue and affiliate programs.

These articles could include things like:

  • Best Wine Pairings
  • How to make wine
  • How to open a wine bottle
  • etc…

Once we have traffic from informational content, we can branch out into affiliate content. This could be content promoting wine/winery products but could also be lucrative programs promoting wine. 

Some examples include:


There is also a great extended list here: 

We found a couple of sites, one which is lower authority whilst the other is slightly higher authority as shown below. Both of these examples of new wine sites that are showing good results after a short period of time and a relatively low number of pages. 

Age: ~6 months old
Domain Rating: DR25
Pages: 83
Traffic: 16k

Age: Built on an expired domain only started 3 months ago.
Domain Rating: DR37
Pages: 22!!
Traffic: 22k

Imitating the success of these sites would be a great first step to building out a successful site in the wine niche.

Case Studies

These are all the expired domain sites that have been launched since we started running this service. Click on the images below to see how they are performing.

What’s included?

• A clean premium expired domain • A website build including premium plugins (AAWP to be purchased separately due to licensing restrictions) • 12 months hosting • Professional logo design • Detailed keyword plan • 100,000 words of awesome content • Content uploaded to the site using our proven templates • 100% complete when handed over to you and ready to go!


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