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Our domains have been hand-picked from the thousands of expired domains that are sold each week. We’ve carried out all the necessary due diligence to ensure that the domains don’t carry any baggage, have great metrics, and importantly have a backlink profile that would be ripe for an affiliate website.

As part of this service we offer a fully hands-off service that includes:

  • Extensive due diligence
  • An in-depth keyword plan
  • 100,000 words of awesome content created by our in-house native English speaking team of writers
  • An affilaite site including all necessary plugins (AAWP to be purchased separately due to licensing restrictions)
  • Content formatted and uploaded to your new site using our proven to convert templates
  • A site finished and ready to earn you money



Wayback first picks this domain up in 2000 as a website for the International Inline Downhill Association (IIDA). The International Inline Downhill Association, IIDA, is an organization originally set up in order to assist with the growth and regulation of the sport of inline downhill racing.

As a result, it has attracted the attention of a lot of skating and snowboarding websites and has a good backlink profile to back this up. 

The site had a change of design over the years but remained in the hands of the IIDA until 2020 when the domain was let go.

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Backlink Profile


Some nice dofollow links which go to make up a relevant backlink profile including:,,,

Anchor Text: The vast majority of the links are to the homepage with branded anchors.

What would we do?

This domain would suit a skate sports content site such as roller skating, rollerblading, skateboarding and snowboarding.

Research shows that there are a number of sites getting decent traffic with a low DR similar to this domain.

For example, at a DR24, shows traffic in ahrefs at around 25k sessions per month (which is more likely to be between 50k and 75k in reality as ahrefs generally estimates low) with around 235 pages.

And, at DR13, shows ahrefs traffic of around 12k (more likely 24k – 36k) with 135 pages.

And finally,, a year-old site with a DR of 14 is on a good trajectory currently sitting at 5k session on ahrefs (more likely 10k – 15k).

This is SEMRush’s assessment of the backlink profile.


Case Studies

These are all the expired domain sites that have been launched since we started running this service. Click on the images below to see how they are performing. 

What’s included?

• A clean premium expired domain
• A website build including premium plugins (AAWP to be purchased separately due to licensing restrictions)
• 12 months hosting
• Professional logo design
• Detailed keyword plan
• 100,000 words of awesome content
• Content uploaded to the site using our proven templates
• 100% complete when handed over to you and ready to go!


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