What would you say if we told you that you could earn up to and over $1,000 per referral instead of $10 by taking advantage of the best high-ticket affiliate programs?

You’d probably laugh at us and tell us we were joking.

You’d probably then be completely surprised when we told you that we’re 100% telling the truth.

While it may seem completely unbelievable and unrealistic, there are affiliate programs out there that will pay you big bucks to drive sales their way.

In fact, you could earn anywhere from $100 to over $1,000 for driving just one sale.

Better still, this can all be done without having to spend thousands on promotions and your blood, sweat, and tears.

There are hundreds of 100% legit high-ticket affiliate programs to choose from, it’s just a case of finding them.

Today, we want to help you do just that.

Therefore, we’ve listed the best 26 high-ticket affiliate programs on the market right now.

In this article, we’ll take you through each one, looking at what they offer and what you can expect.

If you want to learn more, make sure you keep reading!

What Is A High Ticket Affiliate Program?

Before we start looking at our list of high-ticket affiliate programs, we’d like to start by first explaining a little more to you about what a high-ticket affiliate program is and why they are beneficial to affiliate marketers.

So, what is a high-ticket affiliate program?

A high-ticket affiliate program follows the same process as any other affiliate program.

However, it is instead the process of promoting services or products that have a much higher value.

As a result, each sale comes with higher rates of commission.

More often than not, this commission sits somewhere in the region of $500 to $1,000 per referral or sale.

This much higher commission is what makes high-ticket affiliate programs so beneficial to affiliate marketers.

They are used by marketers to earn much bigger profits whilst making fewer sales.

You can earn sky-high commissions by still driving the same amount of traffic to a platform.

To put it simply, high ticket affiliate programs are all about maximizing earnings without having to put in any extra work.

The Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs

We have 26 different affiliate programs to look at in this article. We completely understand that not everyone has the time to sit and read through every option.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to list the best high-ticket affiliate programs in relation to a number of key factors below.

Here’s a quick summary of the best high-ticket affiliate programs:

1. Shopify

The first high-ticket affiliate program on our list is offered to affiliate marketers by Shopify.

If you have any knowledge or interest in the world of e-commerce, you’ll know a thing or two about Shopify.

For those that don’t, Shopify is the world’s biggest e-commerce platform.

Operating in more than 175 different countries, Shopify’s platform runs more than one million independent online retail stores.

This includes huge brands like Staples, Pepsi, and Gymshark.

With such a big reputation, choosing Shopify’s high-ticket affiliate program is a no-brainer.

After all, you won’t need to work as hard to promote the company’s services as most people will already have a good understanding of who they are and what they do.

So what can you expect from Shopify’s affiliate program?

For starters, Shopify doesn’t want to work with just anyone. Instead, they have prerequisites that you have to meet first.

As a minimum, potential affiliates must have an active website, established audience, original content, and experience working in the e-commerce industry.

If you fit these criteria, you should be approved. Once approved, Shopify will pay you a bounty commission rate worth 200% for every referral you make.

That works out at approximately $600 per sale.

2. Kinsta

If you have experience running a successful blog, you may be familiar with Kinsta already. When it comes to growing a business, Kinsta is one of the best in the web hosting industry.

Kinsta’s focus is to take growing businesses or blogs that have outgrown their shared hosting and support them with hosting plans that offer a lot more.

Arguably the best option in the managed WordPress hosting niche, Kinsta has a strong reputation for providing websites with super fast load times, reliable services, and second-to-none customer support.

Websites won’t out scale Kinsta’s services either.

To improve the number of sales you drive, these are the things you will tell your audience when promoting the brand.

Of course, using Kinsta’s products and services isn’t cheap but that’s good for you. The bonus of higher prices means more commission for affiliate marketers.

As a result, Kinsta pays its affiliates a commission of $500. This helps make Kinsta one of the highest-paying affiliate programs online.

As if that wasn’t enough, Kinsta also gives its affiliates a 10% recurring commission for every month the affiliate is on the platform.

3. Luxury Card

Next on our list, we have Luxury Card.

In all honesty, we could have put a wide range of credit card affiliate programs on this list but we feel like this one offers affiliates the best experience.

More often than not, most credit card affiliate programs offer very similar things.

This can make it hard to promote the company in a way that makes them stand out from others.

Thankfully, we don’t have this issue with Luxury Card.

The reason for this is simply because it’s a niche, exclusive card.

The Luxury Card offers airport lounge access, travel air miles, 24/7 concierge service, and so much more.

It is these perks amongst others that will help you persuade your audience to sign up.

In terms of the earnings you can expect to make, Luxury Card is much better than other credit card affiliate programs.

For every user that signs up through your affiliate link, you’ll earn $405 in commissions.

The only thing the Luxury Card affiliate program lacks is a longer cookie window. Unfortunately, the cookie window on offer is only 30 days.

While this may be pretty average for the industry, we would benefit a lot more from a slightly longer window.

4. HubSpot

In the world of digital marketing, HubSpot is one of the market leaders.

They have such vast experience in this industry that the owner of the company actually wrote the book on inbound marketing.

Operating in approximately 120 countries, the products HubSpot has to offer are currently used by 113,000 people.

The services HubSpot provides help those people manage their email list, generate leads, drive sales, and guide them on their journey.

The fact that 113,000 people are currently using HubSpot’s services would suggest there are plenty of opportunities for you to promote to your audience and compel others to sign up too.

HubSpot is an awesome tool but it doesn’t usually come cheap.

That’s great for affiliate marketers and is why HubSpot runs one of the best, high-paying, high-ticket affiliate programs.

Unlike other high-ticket affiliate programs, HubSpot has a three-tiered commission structure.

Within this structure, there are the starter/basic, professional/CMS, and Enterprise affiliate options.

For each tier, affiliates earn a different commission.

Those on the starter/basic commission rate earn $250.

Those on the professional/CMS earn $500, and finally, those on the enterprise commission rate earn $1,000. Each of these rates is on a per-sale basis.

5. Villiers Jets

Villiers Jets gives affiliate marketers the opportunity to get involved in a super interesting, potentially lucrative affiliate program.

When we think about the luxury market and the rich and wealthy, at some point private jets will come across our minds.

Well, private jets are exactly what Villiers Jets specializes in. Villiers Jets identified a gap in the market for the leasing of private jets.

Based in England and founded in 2006, it didn’t take Villiers Jets long to become one of, if not, the world’s best premier private jet leasing company.

The company offers bespoke packages that give those that can afford it incredibly luxurious flying experiences.

Customers have 10,000 private jets to choose from and over 40,000 destinations worldwide.

You should let your audience know that there are also plenty of “empty leg” flights available so bargains can be found.

In terms of what Villiers Jets offers affiliates, every affiliate earns a percentage of each sale.

Considering how expensive the flights can be, you’re in for a good payday.

Giving you a 30% commission percentage per sale, you could earn up to $541.50 for selling the cheapest, “empty leg” flights.

6. Cloudways

The next high-ticket affiliate program on our list comes from Cloudways.

Cloudways, founded in 2009 is a successful web hosting company that works in the agency, SMB, and individual niches.

To date, the company has worked with at least 250,000 websites. They’ve done this in over sixty data centers.

A clear indication of Cloudway’s success is its 94.7% happiness score. That’s a pretty great score considering how many customers the company has.

As Cloudways name suggests, all of the hosting services provided are cloud-based. The services on offer come with five different industry infrastructures.

The most popular of these is Google Cloud Engine and Amazon Web Services.

That’s your audience covered so let’s now look at what you’re offered in return for sending traffic Cloudways way.

Cloudways has two commission structures. One structure is called the “Slab” model and the other “Hybrid”.

The “Slab” model pays a one-off commission rate of up to $125 per sale. This rises when the affiliate reaches 80 sales a month.

The “Hybrid” model pays a recurring commission rate of 7% and a bounty payment of $300.

  • URL: Cloudways Affiliate Program
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Commission: 7% recurring commissions and $300 bounty payment, or up to $125 per sale.

7. Oceanscape Yachts

If traveling around the world in private jets doesn’t quite suit your audience, maybe a super yacht will instead.

Owning a luxury superyacht isn’t cheap. Even for the billionaires, who are the only people who can really afford them, purchasing one isn’t that easy.

Superyachts can cost hundreds of millions and sometimes even billions of dollars.

For obvious reasons, that takes superyachts out of the equation for most people. However, that’s where Oceanscape Yachts comes in.

Oceanscape Yachts gives wealthy individuals the chance to experience the feeling of owning their own superyacht. They do this by letting them lease one of their superyachts.

These yachts can be taken almost anywhere and offer an unparalleled luxury experience.

As you can imagine, these experiences don’t come cheap. Therefore, commissions are high.

The potential to make yourself some serious money through the Oceanscape Yachts affiliate program is there.

Unbelievably, Oceanscape Yachts will pay you an average commission of $1,250 per referred sale.

8. Fiverr

As time goes by, more and more people are choosing to work remotely and for themselves. This is something that was predicted to change the job market massively by 2025.

However, things changed much sooner, with thousands of people all over the world ditching their office jobs to work remotely.

Websites like Fiverr have helped drive those changes by supporting individuals that have always dreamt of working remotely.

With more people expected to work remotely year on year, there’s only ever going to be more and more demand for companies like Fiverr.

Fiverr is full of business start-ups looking for the services of creatives, designers, and marketers. As the business grows, we can expect to see many more.

When it comes to the Fiverr affiliate program, you probably wouldn’t associate it with a high-ticket affiliate program.

However, affiliate marketers that partner with Fiverr can earn a pretty decent $150 for referral purchases.

To earn this commission though, the person you’ve referred must buy the ‘Pro Services’ Fiverr package.

With Fiverr continuously growing, now’s the time to get involved.

9. ClickFunnels

If you’ve ever thought about building your own affiliate marketing funnel, you’ll almost definitely have heard of Click Funnels before.

If not, ClickFunnels is simply a product that lets you create sales funnels.

Created by Russell Brunson, a guy with incredible knowledge and understanding of affiliate marketing and the internet, ClickFunnels, helps individuals and businesses convert leads into paying customers.

While they offer a great high-ticket affiliate program, we probably wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. This market is very competitive and often well overdone.

However, if you have a niche in the IM industry, it could be a solid choice if you want to make some quick money.

Despite being an oversaturated affiliate market, the beauty of Click Funnels is that the products and services sold are highly-priced.

Therefore, you don’t need to make as many sales to make a decent income.

In terms of how this high-ticket affiliate program compares to others on our list, we were quite pleased with what’s on offer.

Clickfunnels affiliates earn a nice 40% recurring commission per sale. Considering the average sale cost is between $97 and $297, you could do well.

Web publishers can also receive $100 per lead through two other affiliate programs.

  • URL: Click Funnels
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission: $100 per lead or 40% recurring commission

10. WP Engine

WP Engine is a premium web hosting provider that prides itself on delivering its customers secure, fast, reliable, and well-supported web hosting.

As an affiliate marketer, you might actually find the services on offer from WP Engine beneficial to yourself, never mind your audience.

During an affiliate journey, don’t be surprised to see a need for a faster, robust host for your site.

At the start, a basic hosting service is fine but as time goes by, you’re more likely to want a better-performing WordPress site.

The same goes for your audience too, especially if you have a blog that focuses heavily in the web-building space.

A single site costs $25 a month. Currently, there are over 500,000 people already signed up for this plan.

You can make money by increasing this figure.

Using your marketing skills and by promoting WP Engine’s super fast, reliable services, and high-quality customer support, you can earn up to $200 in commission for every person you refer.

You’ll be paid upon completion of the user’s account.

Despite being set at $200, the average commission you will probably earn will be about $135.

11. Dream Cloud

The next affiliate program on our list is a little bit different.

Unlike the other affiliate programs we’ve already discussed, Dream Cloud offers affiliates the chance to earn through the sale of mattresses.

We know right, who knew mattresses would be high-ticket affiliate products?

Well, they are, and the potential is there to make a very nice income.

When you look at the numbers, understanding why mattresses make a great high-ticket affiliate product makes perfect sense.

The mattress industry is worth over $15 billion per year.

On top of that, most luxurious mattress suppliers charge nearly $2,000 for just one mattress.

With those numbers knocking about, it’s about time you got involved with this industry.

Of course, you might need a niche audience to do so, but if you do, you’re in luck.

The average order at Dream Cloud is valued at approximately $1,200.

However, you don’t get a percentage of this. Instead, you get a flat rate of $150 per sale.

With a 365-day cookie window to help, you could make a lot of money all year round.

12. Teachable

If you’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for a while, you’ve probably heard of Clickbank before.

If you have, you’ll know a bit about what Teachable does already, as Teachable offers a similar service.

Teachable is the place where digital content creators go to learn.

The platform has a huge range of courses so that everyone has a place they can develop and learn new skills.

If you check Teachable out, you’ll find courses from a host of respected designers, marketers, authors, and so on and so forth.

One of the best things about Teachable is its suitability for almost any audience.

It doesn’t matter who your audience is, the chances are they’ll be able to use Teachable to their advantage.

To help you presell Teachable to your audience, there’s even a free course they can take part in.

When it comes to the Teachable affiliate program, you will receive a 30% commission for any courses sold via your referral code.

Looking at the prices of most courses and taking the average sale into account, you can expect to earn approximately $100 per sale, all while helping your audience develop new skills.

13. Sucuri

Sucuri is another company that offers a different type of service to most high-ticket affiliate programs. However, they also offer one of the most important.Sucuri is a website security company that will ensure your website is 100% safe from attacks.

This is something you and your audience could benefit from massively so strongly consider joining the program.

With more hackers and scams filling the internet every day, we are starting to live in a world rich in cybercrime.

Whether it be the complete shutdown of a website, the hacking and stealing of funds, or simply the leaking of personal data, services like Sucuri are becoming more and more essential.

Therefore, now’s the perfect time to start promoting their services.

Eliminating threats and removing the risk of future problems, Sucuri will pay you handsomely while offering your audience the online security they need.

For each sale you make, you’ll earn $100. That’s not all though!

If you manage to drive sales to Sucuri’s “Business Firewall” service, you’ll be rewarded with $210 for every sale you make.

One thing we will say about this program though is that it is quite niche.

  • URL: Sucuri Referral
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission: Up to $210 per sale

14. Liquid Web

When promoting a service or product through an affiliate program, it can be easy to follow profits instead of looking at how reliable the service or product is.

This is particularly the case when promoting web hosting services.

Luckily for us, this isn’t something we need to worry about when promoting Liquid Web.

Liquid Web has been operating since 1997, moving with the web hosting industry as it grows and develops.

The business has also been running an affiliate program for almost as long.

Therefore, affiliates can do their stuff with peace of mind that Liquid Web is both reliable and trustworthy.

This solid reputation and wealth of experience will also encourage your audience to sign up.

Instead of offering shared hosting, Liquid Web provides high-end hosting solutions. These range from dedicated servers to WordPress hosting.

Amazingly, these services are available for as little as $19 a month.

Despite this small price, Liquid Web’s commission rates are as high as $7,000 per sale.

Yes, you heard that right, $7,000 per sale. However, this will require a referral that spends thousands of dollars upfront.

15. Thinkific

The next affiliate program on our list of high-ticket affiliate programs is perfect for you if you have an audience made up of teachers.

While this may be a relatively niche audience, there’s potential there to earn a good income through a variety of affiliate programs.

The best of these has to be Thinkific. Thinkific is a platform that allows people to make their own course.

Using Thinkific’s easy-to-use tools, the average person can design and then market their course without having to worry about making any expensive mistakes.

Without Thinkific, those wanting to make their own course could quite easily make mistakes, which can often be very expensive.

It’s worth telling your audience that they don’t need to know any code and that the service even comes with a built-in payment processing system.

In terms of what the Thinkific affiliate program offers, every partner is paid a 30% recurring monthly lifetime commission for every user they get to sign up to Thinkific.

Unfortunately, any earnings are capped at $1,700 per customer, per year. However, you will get paid monthly and still earn plenty.

Sell to one customer and earn several times.

16. Authority Hacker

Teaching anyone and everyone how to build a profitable business, Authority Hacker is a great platform to promote to your audience if you work in the affiliate marketing space.

Providing visitors with highly-researched, reliable, and effective affiliate marketing courses, Authority Hacker has built and run its own portfolio of affiliate sites and used what they have learned to offer us a better service.

A huge bonus that comes with Authority Hacker is that they only publish and present original content.

Everything in all of the Authority Hacker courses has been well researched and put together by themselves. No information has been regurgitated.

By using Authority Hacker’s program, you and your audience will learn about all the methods and processes used to build highly profitable affiliate websites.

So, how do you make money out of this as an affiliate marketer?

Well, Authority Hacker runs a high-ticket affiliate program that pays affiliates to promote their program.

For every program sold via your referral link, Authority Hacker will happily pay you up to $990.

We don’t know about you but that seems pretty impressive for simply promoting an affiliate program.

With a 180-day cookie window included, you’d be crazy not to at least give this affiliate program a try.

17. BigCommerce

Next on our list, we have BigCommerce. BigCommerce is another popular eCommerce site that lets business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs build their online presence.

While they may not be as big or as popular as Shopify, BigCommerce still offers plenty of neat products and services that can help your audience join the world of eCommerce.

Taking the headache out of starting an online store, BigCommerce lets you design the online store you want without forcing you to choose from set templates and styles.

This gives your audience the chance to unleash their creativity and design something they love.

Every online store made through BigCommerce can be displayed on desktop, laptop, and mobile, and each store will load super quickly thanks to Google’s Cloud Hosting.

Another great thing about BigCommerce is that their online stores grow with your business.

That means your audience won’t have to switch providers mid-stream.

In regard to the affiliate program offered by BigCommerce, your commission rates will be very straightforward.

BigCommerce will pay you a 200% cut for the first month your referral uses its services.

If your referral signed up for the “Plus” plan, you’d earn $159.90. If they sign up for the “Enterprise” plan, you’ll earn $1,500.

18. SmartProxy

More often than not, proxies are utilized by affiliate marketers for research tools or data scraping.

However, that isn’t actually the whole picture.

Sadly, we live on a planet that has geo-restricted internet.

As a result, we need to find a way to access content in other countries, or even our home country if we’re traveling abroad.

The company that offers the best solution to the problem is SmartProxy. SmartProxy offers data center and residential proxy products at affordable prices.

For those interested, prices start at $50 a month.

This may seem cheap but it is a lot more than other proxy bundles. Having said that, for what you get, this service is second to none.

It is good for your audience to also know that SmartProxy has millions of different IPs.

This is important because it reduces the chances of streams or scrapers being blocked. The chances of being blocked are almost 0%.

In terms of commission, SmartProxy pays very well.

Giving each affiliate a commission of 50% for every sale they make, you could potentially earn $1,500 for just one sale.

This is because some packages are priced at $400 a month.

If you have a relevant audience, this is up there with the best affiliate programs to promote.

19. Capitalist Exploits

If your audience is interested in investing but has absolutely no idea where to begin, they will benefit massively from the newsletter sold by Capitalist Exploits.

Capitalist Exploits is a business made up of industry experts that are happy to share their advice and help others take advantage of the market.

Unlike other so-called “experts”, Capitalist Exploits actually has seasoned investors, not self-proclaimed experts that have no backing.

What’s excellent about this company’s website is that it isn’t just a standard sales page.

On the Capitalist Exploits website, you and your audience will find an abundance of free information and downloadable reports.

This is good for you because you can encourage your audience to try before they buy. If your audience likes what they see, they can then invest in the newsletter.

Considering it’s essentially just a newsletter, it isn’t cheap. Unbelievably, it costs $1,999 per year.

This high price might put some off but if you want to make large amounts of money from fewer sales, the newsletter is great.

For every newsletter you sell, you get 50% in commission.

That works out at $999.5 for everyone one of your referrals that signs up. There are even higher-priced products that cost $3,499.

20. STD Check

The next affiliate program on our list is only really suitable for affiliate marketers that have audiences with an interest in the health and wellbeing industry.

While it may seem like an odd choice for a high-ticket affiliate program list, getting checked for STDs is incredibly important.

Thousands of men and women every year become infertile because they simply didn’t get checked.

As a result, medical professionals and health boards regularly try to encourage people to get checked.

A big reason for this is that a lot of the time we can’t see the symptoms of STDs.

A lot of people also don’t want to deal with the stigma surrounding the whole process.

If you choose to promote STD Check to your audience, you will not only earn money but also help those you refer to.

Through STD Check, individuals can arrange a 100% confidential STD check at their local testing center.

The results will then come back to the individual in 2 days or less.

With almost 7 million STD cases being reported in the United States alone, there’s clearly a big need for this service.

Per referral, you’ll receive an average commission fee of $102. This will be earned from a 40% commission rate.

21. Six Figure Mentors

Six Figure Mentors is an online education company/platform that offers a wide range of resources that help teach people a variety of different things.

On the platform, there is an array of different modules, each focusing on a different topic. Popular topics include entrepreneurship, marketing, and business skills.

One thing the modules have in common is that they all aim to give people the skills they need to start an online business.

Your audience will learn all about what it takes to make money online from the comfort of their own homes. Perfect for any audience, promoting Six Figure Mentors shouldn’t be a problem.

Whether your target audience is stay-at-home parents, veterans, or simply people looking for a change, they can all benefit from Six Figure Mentors.

Teaching everything from SEO optimization to affiliate marketing, both you and your audience can make money from this company’s services.

In terms of what you can earn, you’ll receive $20 for driving sales to introductory plans, $20 a month for memberships, and up to $200 for big sales.

22. Entre Institute

Featured in some of the biggest and most popular publications in the world such as Forbes and Wall Street Journal, Entre Institute is the perfect place for business professionals, executives, and aspiring entrepreneurs to go to develop and hone their skills in every aspect of their profession and personal life.

Helping thousands of people build and grow their success financially and mentally, affiliate marketers can take advantage of the brand’s reputation and popularity to make big money.

Run by internet entrepreneur and marketing expert Jeff Lerner, Entre Institute sells a wide range of low-end and high-ticket products.

These include the Entre Nation Gold Elite, the Entre Blueprint, the Entre Nation Gold, and the Entre Inner Circle.

All of these services are incredibly expensive, giving you the chance to make incredible sums of money. The commission rates you’ll receive range from 20% to 60%.

If you’re paid the highest commission rate, you can potentially earn a mindblowing $16,000 from just one referral.

That is the highest on our list by a long way. However, getting this sort of sign-up would be incredibly difficult.

  • URL: Entre Institute
  • Cookie Duration: TBC
  • Commission: 20% to 60% and up to $16,000

23. VIP Cars

The next affiliate program we want to tell you about comes from VIP Cars.

VIP Cars are, unsurprisingly, a car rental service that people can use to book and rent their favorite vehicles.

Whether it be an emergency vehicle to cover you while your car is in the garage or a one-time rental to drive your dream car, VIP Cars do it all.

Operating in 20,000 locations globally, customers can book anything from affordable economy cars to high-end luxury vehicles.

This wide reach is perfect for affiliate marketers that want to appeal to an audience on a global scale.

It’s also an excellent choice if you have an audience that’s made up of car enthusiasts.

Signing up to the VIP Cars affiliate programs super easy and promoting their services shouldn’t be any more difficult than it normally is.

In terms of commission, affiliates are rewarded with anything between 50% to 75% of qualified sales. Affiliates don’t even need a strong background to be accepted. The program even accepts deep linking.

24. Volusion

You may or may not have heard of Volusion before because despite being a popular brand in their industry, they aren’t very well known anywhere else.

If you haven’t heard of Volusion before, let us explain a bit about them. Volusion is an American business that provides support and eCommerce solutions to businesses.

Based in Texas, this company has been operating in the industry since 1999, so it’s fair to say they have a good reputation in the field they work in.

Some of the best features they deliver are rich content editors, an easy-to-use backend, a CSS editor, and high converting themes.

There are dozens of other features too.

The high-ticket affiliate program Volusion offers is a little different. This is because they offer both high and small commission rates.

Per qualified sale, you could earn anything from $30 to a lovely $1,000. Of course, the amount of commission you earn depends on the price of the products you promote.

Approved affiliates are also given a wide range of useful affiliate tools such as banners, IDs, tracking tools, ad creatives, and text links.

25. Plus500

The penultimate high-ticket affiliate program on our list is Plus500.

Considered to be one of the top trading service companies on the market, Plus500 is a trading platform we all know we can trust.

Aside from already having a pretty solid reputation for providing reliable, legal, and accurate services, Plus500 is also regulated by a wide range of big financial authorities.

This makes it much easier for you to promote the company and encourage users to sign up and deposit.

Operating since 2008, the company is now also a top-rated CFD provider that has been listed on Europe’s biggest stock exchange (The London Stock Exchange).

So, why should you join Plus500’s affiliate program?

Run in-house, the Plus500 affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn anywhere from $100 to $600 in commission.

If that’s not enough for you, maybe the fact that Plus500 also provides you with a wide range of marketing tools and promotional resources is.

You’ll even have access to a support team for guidance.

26. Regal Assets

The final affiliate program could be perfect for you, but only if your target audience falls perfectly into what is a very niche market.

Having said that, if you get things right, you could make a small fortune.

Regal Assets is a gold, metal, and crypto investment company.

Despite being a fairly small industry when compared to others, Regal Assets is very popular. This is mostly down to the fact they dominate the market.

They offer a variety of gold products such as coins and gold bars and even let customers invest in the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Some of the cryptocurrencies customers can invest in are Litecoin, Bitcoin, XRP, etc, etc.

One awesome service this company offers is expert help. Beginners can get in touch with one of Regal Asset’s experts and learn more about how the whole process works.

To date, they have been featured in numerous magazines so you can bet that at least some of your audience will know something about the company.

For every qualified sale made through your affiliate code, you’ll earn a 3% commission fee. You’ll also be offered a $30 to $100 fee for every lead you produce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Considered A Good Affiliate Commission?

A “good” affiliate commission varies depending on how much work you have to put into a certain affiliate program.

Generally, most people consider a good commission to be a generous reward for the effort and time that’s been put into each referral and sale.

It can be quite hard to put a specific figure on this.

Referring dozens of sales that make a $10 commission can be easy and considered good, but not if you have to work tirelessly to get one sale.

On the other hand, a $1,000 commission might sound amazing but if your referral never converts, you won’t make any money.

How Much Money Can You Make From High Ticket Affiliate Programs?

Usually, most high-ticket affiliate programs will pay somewhere between $500 and $1,000 per referral or sale.

Other programs might operate on a percentage basis, giving affiliates a high percentage of the sale value when a high-priced product or service is sold.

Both of these types of commissions can see affiliate marketers earn four figures from one sale.

If you have the ability, audience, and tools required to make multiple sales, you could quite easily earn tens of thousands of dollars every year.

How Should You Promote A High Ticket Affiliate Program?

The idea behind high-ticket affiliate programs is to earn more money per sale or referral without doing any extra work.

Therefore, you really don’t need to do anything different than you already do when promoting a product or service with a lower value.

You can use the same “regular” methods you’ve always used.

All you need to do is make sure you get it right. For example, one important part of the process is targeting the correct keywords.

By creating keyword-rich, high-quality content, you’ll be able to attract more visitors and drive more sales.

Should You Use Paid Advertising To Promote Products?

You don’t have to use paid advertising methods to promote the products or services you hope to make money from but it can help.

This is one of the major differences between high-ticket affiliate programs and standard ones.

While it makes little sense to pay for advertising to promote a product you’ll only make $10 on, it makes much more sense to pay to drive traffic to one you’ll make $1,000 from.

With that in mind, because the potential payouts are so high, you might want to consider targeting paid traffic.

Reliable and relatively affordable companies to pay for paid traffic are Facebook and Google ads.

Of course, you must first check that paid advertising doesn’t breach the terms and conditions set out by the affiliate program provider.

How Does Someone Become A High Ticket Affiliate Marketer?

Becoming a high-ticket affiliate marketer is actually a lot easier than you might think.

In fact, most of the time, it isn’t any different from becoming an affiliate marketer with any other affiliate program.

To start with, you have to find yourself an affiliate program to join.

If you want to join a high ticket affiliate program, make sure the one you choose pays above-average commission rates.

Once you’ve found one, you can apply to join the program.

Some high-ticket affiliate programs can be a bit trickier to join as they are more selective but generally speaking, most will let you sign up easily.

All you have to do then is wait until you’re approved. Once you are, you can start to earn money.

Final Thoughts

Becoming an affiliate of any affiliate program is worthwhile but becoming a partner of a high-ticket affiliate program is even better.

High-ticket affiliate programs give affiliate marketers the opportunity to earn more commission than they could ever have dreamt of without having to spend any extra money.

The fact affiliates can earn between $500 to $1,000 for the same amount of work it normally takes to earn $10 makes you wonder why more people aren’t signed up for high-ticket affiliate programs.

Having said that, it can be quite hard to find the best ones.

Luckily for you, we shared 26 of the best high-ticket affiliate programs with you in this article.

We’ve shown you a wide range of excellent options and told you exactly what to expect. All you have to do now is decide which affiliate programs to join.

Using the information we’ve provided you with, narrow down your options until you’ve identified the programs you want to try first.

Good luck!