Aged domains can be extremely useful to your website investing journey, but just like anything, they have pros & cons, and we are here today to break all that down for you.
Before we begin, let’s get something out of the way quick:

What Is The Difference Between An Aged Domain And An Expired Domain?

The truth is, there isn’t much difference. An aged domain is a domain that has been around the internet for some time, and an expired domain typically is also an aged domain, because of its lifetime around the internet.

The only difference is, the expired domain has expired, meaning the domain has been previously registered but hasn’t been renewed.

But realistically, aged domains and expired domains are both aged domains.

Aged Domains: Pros

Why get an aged domain, if I can just register a brand new domain you may wonder.
Well, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, aged domains can be a great asset to your website investing strategy.

Here’s why:


One of the best things about aged domains is the backlinks that an aged domain has.
If you have ever done link building, you will know how difficult, expensive, and time-consuming it can be.

With aged domains, these domains already have an established backlink profile. But that’s not all, some of the aged domains will have some backlinks from what it’s called “impossible links” these would be links, for example, –,, etc.

Links from these types of editorial sites are either almost impossible to get or extremely expensive.


When you have an established backlink profile, your domain becomes more authoritative.
If you have to start from a fresh domain and built that authority, it may take years, a lot of money, and time. The aged domains already have that.

Furthermore, the domain has already been indexed and has a history with Google. Google knows this site – which means that you can hit the ground running ASAP – without waiting for the sandbox period to end.


The older the domain is, the more established it will look to Google. Google likes older established sites. Because when a new site is registered, Google doesn’t trust that site, so the age of a domain plays an important role in gaining Google’s trust.

When you have an established website, you can see quicker results these include:

  • Faster indexation
  • Ranking
  • Gaining Traffic
  • Revenue from either ads or affiliate

And much more!

Time & Effort

When it comes to SEO, the patience and time required are huge. Not to mention cost as well.

We all know that SEO takes time. But, there are ways to reduce the amount of time needed for your SEO efforts to work.

One of those ways is aged domains. Aged domains are a great way of giving you a jump-start, without any sandbox period, or having to build links. Furthermore, you will already have trust and establishment in Google’s eyes, which is important!

Once you start publishing content on an aged domain, you can start seeing results a lot sooner than if you had a fresh domain.

So, ultimately, aged domains can save you a lot of time and effort.

Aged Domains: Cons

As we have just seen, the benefits of an aged domain are many. But what about the cons?

Let’s find out:


When it comes to vetting the aged domains, typically there aren’t many that you can use. So often, you will end up with like a handful of choices, with certain niches.

Furthermore, you cannot change the name of the aged domain, it has been registered with a certain name, so you will need to adopt that name.

Often, these names won’t work with your business, so it can make it difficult to find an aged domain with a name or niche that works for you.

Aged Domains Can Be Very Expensive

Good quality aged domains can be very expensive. If you sniff a good opportunity, the chances others have as well, are great.

This will lead to a bidding war, the person that pays the most – wins! Often this could be in the thousands of dollars, nowhere near as much if you were to get a fresh domain.

Another thing you will need to have is cash-ready-to-go, typically this would be a big sum of money that needs to be available when it comes to purchasing an aged domain. Not many people have a lump of money hanging around to invest straight up in cash.

Registering a new domain can cost anywhere between $5-$50. With aged domains, you are looking anywhere between $100-$3000 sometimes even more.

The Vetting Process Can Be Very Time Consuming

In order to get a good aged domain, you are going to have to spend a lot of time, vetting them out, and looking through hundreds of them. Typically in the end you would end up with a handful of them that are good.

Then you will need to bid on them and potentially begin a bidding war with other people.

It’s extremely important that the vetting is done correctly, otherwise, you will end up with a bad aged domain that can really impact your business or website investing negatively.


Dealing with aged domains involves a bit of technicality. Particularly when it comes to 301 redirecting an aged domain to your money site. You will need to know exactly what pages you will need to recreate and how to implement the 301 redirect correctly in order to maintain the link juice.

Niche Website Builders are experts in aged domains and all the technicalities involved in them. So if you need help, get in touch with us!

Ways To Use An Aged Domain:

There are a couple of ways you can use aged domains. The first one is, that you can build a site using an aged domain this is particularly useful if you are looking at starting a new site, but want to get going quickly.

Another way you can use an aged domain is to 301 redirect it to your money site. What that would do if done correctly, is it will pass all the link juice & authority from the aged domain to your money site.

This can increase the authority and the DR (Domain Rating) of your money site.

This may also increase your traffic, because when your authority increases, you may outrank competitors for certain keywords you are already ranking for.

There may well be a lot of increases within your rankings, which will obviously lead to increased traffic.


Aged domains in our opinion are a pretty sweet deal. They can save you a lot of time and money in the long term. Furthermore, they can also help you start generating revenue from either display ads or from affiliates a lot sooner.

Generating revenue is the ultimate goal of website investing, and aged domains can help you get there a lot quicker than fresh domains.

Niche Website Builders offer a full end-to-end solution for website investors. We can provide the initial site build, extensive keyword research, and high-quality content written specifically to drive more traffic to your sites.

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