HELLLLOOOOO… Is It Me You’re Looking For?

If you haven’t guessed by now, the blog title is from a Lional Richie Song called Hello. I couldn’t think of how to start my introduction, so thanks Lional!

I’m writing this post to give you some background about me and my experiences running my affiliate business.

Over the next few months, we have some amazing and exciting things launching – one of which is my ‘over the shoulder’ case study (blog post coming shortly).

While we grow and help build our Niche Website Builder community, I want to ensure that any questions you have can be answered quickly by not only myself or Mark, but other successful marketers too – the best place to reach out is in the Facebook Group.

A little about me

As you would expect, my background is digital – primarily agency side.

I spent several years working for a niche agency that specialised in helping Asia publishers better monetise their traffic via video.

My roll was to devise programmatic selling strategies across different DSP’s to ensure we were achieving the highest CPM’s possible. In all honesty, it was spreadsheet heavy and quite boring.

I then moved to a more traditional agency that worked with some of the largest UK Universities. My role as a digital strategist consisted of developing complex media plans and campaign ideas to attract both national and international students.

It was fun and much more dynamic, allowing me face time with senior decision makers – something I really thrived on.

All the while, I had been working away at my ‘side project’ – buying, improving and flipping websites.

I purchased my first Amazon Associates site in January 2018 and then sold it 7 months later for a handsome profit.

Home & Garden Website

Purchase Price: $13,600
Selling Price: $59,000
Total Profit: $56,330

I purchased the site for $13,600, averaging roughly $400 revenue per month in January 2018.

Within 7 months revenue peaked at $3,248.97 per month.

Sold for $59,000 (32x monthly) realising in a total profit of $56,330.15.

Since then I have gone on to quit the ‘day job’ and focus exclusively on my affiliate business. I have purchased more sites and currently have 7 in my portfolio – each of them at various stages of growth.

One site that is approaching the level where I am considering selling it.

Sports Niche Website

Purchase Price: $11,500
Current Valuation: $150,000
Current Profit: $138,500

Site purchased for $11,500, averaging roughly $390 revenue per month in August 2018.

Within 13 months revenue has increased to a peak of $6,336.28 per month.

Current value is roughly $150,000.

My strategy to achieve this growth revolves mainly around content – and lots of it!

Having systemised the process of finding low competition keywords that have buying intent, I plan on continuing to build out my current portfolio, while also raising a seed fund to expand.

I hope you’ve enjoyed that small insight into by business and success so far, and hope that you will trust me with your time and energy going forward as I help you build you affiliate business too.


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