Here’s the thing: the U.S. car industry is worth a lot. More than $80 billion, to get specific.

And under the hood, it’s all the profitable sub-industries that are to thank for it: rentals, insurance, restoration, car detailing – there’s a lot this industry brings to the table.

That doesn’t even include all the unique car parts and accessories that drivers—let alone car enthusiasts—want, need, and hunt for.

The demand doesn’t stop, in other words, which makes automobiles and everything that comes with them a prime target for affiliate marketers who want to accelerate their passive income.

Of course, you need the right platform and audience to generate real profits.

You also need the best car affiliate programs offering top-notch products and commission rates that will make your referral efforts worth the time and effort.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult – not when the car affiliate programs you should promote are put on a plate.

So, to navigate you in the right direction, we’ve rounded up the 24 best car affiliate programs to take your passive income up a gear in 2022.

Best Car Affiliate Programs For 2022

  1. Rentalcars – Best for Car Rentals
  2. Advance Auto Parts
  3. Torque Detail – Best Cookie Duration for Auto Detailing
  4. Avis
  5. Goodyear Tires – Best for Replacement Tires
  6. Tire Rack
  7. Edmunds – Best for Auto Buying & Selling
  8. EZ Battery Reconditioning – Best for Commission
  9. MaXpeedingRods
  10. Rick’s Camaro – Best for Camaro Niches
  11. Lasfit – Best for Car Lights
  12. AutoZone
  13. Car Covers – Best for Car Protection
  14. Autobarn – Best for Easy Marketing
  15. Shine Armor – Best Commission for Auto Detailing
  16. AutoAnything
  17. Parts Geek
  18. Car Vertical – Best for Car History Checks
  19. Wheelzy – Best for Used Car Selling
  20. Car Parts – Best Inventory for Auto Parts & Truck Parts
  21. Vivid Racing – Best for High-End Car Parts & Accessories
  22. Autopom – Best for Cookie Duration
  23. Zoro
  24. Buy Auto Parts – Best for Online Popularity

1. Rentalcars Affiliate Program

1. Rentalcars Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car rentals, economy car rentals, premium car rentals
  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie duration: 1 month is a large international network of over 800 car rental companies at 60,000 locations.

It’s also the main B2B car rental provider for – which is no low-traffic website.

With these credentials to boast, offers an impressive inventory of cars ready to hire at a moment’s notice.

We’re talking everything from your average sedan to vacation-ready people carriers from industry-leading car brands.

The good thing about Rentalcars is that it pulls in rentals from top car rental sites such as Avis Car Rental, Thrifty Car Rental, Dollar Rent a Car, Budget Rent a Car, and more.

The options are endless, with some rentals offering bonuses such as a free full tank of fuel.

Needless to say, customers are in good hands here. Affiliate Program, which works with, offers affiliates the chance to earn 5% per sale with a 30-day cookie duration.

Simply sign up and start adding the company’s links, banners, and other tools to your platform to start cashing in.

2. Advance Auto Parts Affiliate Program

2. Advance Auto Parts Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car parts, car accessories
  • Commission: 4%
  • Cookie duration: 1 month

Advance Auto Parts is one of America’s biggest auto parts retailers. Most people know this company.

But if you don’t, Advance Auto Parts boasts over 6000 stores across 40 states – pretty much a one-stop shop for replacement car parts, interior accessories, and the rest.

If you need it, Advance Auto Parts has it, in other words.

Given the domestic reputation Advance Auto Parts has, as well as the large inventory of premium parts and spares you’ll find on its website, prices are largely higher than competitor sites.

We’re not here to buy from Advance Auto Parts, however (unless your car’s falling apart), so while 4% commission might not make you jump out of your seat, these high prices can mean some good profits for affiliate marketers working the car and auto niche.

Cookie duration on the Advance Auto Parts Affiliate Program is 30 days.

This is plenty considering how, well, when you need a replacement part, you need it.

3. Torque Detail Affiliate Program

3. Torque Detail Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car detailing, car care, home auto detailing products
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie duration: 1 month

Auto detailers are a rare breed.

Even those rocking a ‘10 SUV treat it like it’s an Anniversary Edition Lambo.

It’s understandable, though. Just think about how you felt when you bought your first car… then if that feeling lasted forever.

For car detailers, car care and maintenance is more than just a hobby, often allocating entire days to cleaning, treating, and buffing their pride and joys.

Auto detailing is a profitable niche, too.

Torque Detail offer—bar pressure washers—all the premium goods auto detailers are on the hunt for: wax sprays, water spot removers, scratch removers, and softer-than-soft microfiber towels.

Torque Detail is its own brand, by the way, with a loyal following of car detailing enthusiasts who swear by its products.

And for you auto affiliates, the Torque Detail Affiliate Program pays 10% per sale.

You even get a 20% coupon.

And with 30 days of cookies, it’s more than enough to generate a conversion if your referral efforts are on point.

4. Avis Affiliate Program

4. Avis Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car rentals
  • Commission: up to 4%
  • Cookie duration: 1 month

Like, Avis Car Rental is a car rental network with 5500 locations in over 165 countries.

Rentals can be picked up, and dropped off, in countless locations across the US, with rental cars ranging from economy to premium models.

Want to take a 1.6-liter Ford Fiesta on a road trip across the country? Avis gives you that possibility.

It’s a multi-million dollar company, too, with a successful affiliate program that’s worth checking out.

Land a successful referral for Avis and you can earn up to 4% commission.

Cookie duration is 30 days, so just make sure your referrals are up to speed.

If you have a keen eye, you probably noticed that we said up to 4% commission.

This is because Avis Car Rental pays by rental and mileage.

The good thing is that top-performing affiliates can receive higher rates.

Pull in more referrals here and you can be raking in decent profits.

5. Goodyear Tires Affiliate Program

5. Goodyear Tires Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car tires, tire replacement, car wheels
  • Commission: $6
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

Goodyear Tires manufactures tires, which took us by surprise.

Joking aside, this is a multinational company that most people have heard of.

What started in 1898 is now one of the world’s leading—one of the top four, in fact—tire manufacturers, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Michelin, Continental, and Bridgestone.

Goodyear has a net worth that sits in the billions.

So, as an affiliate marketer, you wouldn’t be frowned at for wanting a slice of the pie.

For every successful purchase made on the Goodyear Tires website that you referred to, you can earn a $6 paid commission.

Not bad considering the Goodyear name practically sells itself.

$6 commission also gets dished out on the Goodyear Tire Affiliate Program for every referred service appointment.

So, this affiliate program is definitely worth looking into.

And with cookie duration lasting 45 days, there’s lots of time for your referrals to sink in.

6. Tire Rack Affiliate Program

6. Tire Rack Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car tires, tire replacement, wheels, car parts, car accessories
  • Commission: $6
  • Cookie duration: 2 months

Tire Rack arrived on the auto scene in 1979 and has since become one of the most trusted tire, wheel, and auto part distributors in the U.S.

The products Tire Rack distributes go through the company’s own trusted quality checks (they have a test track, believe it or not), so you know the products are good to go promotion-wise.

But despite the name, Tire Rack’s online inventory is wide-ranging.

And to prove a point, they offer brake parts, suspension, wipers, batteries, lighting, car toolkits, tire inflation tools, exterior accessories, and lots more.

So auto affiliate marketers who want endless promotional content to push out will be rubbing their hands.

But let’s run the numbers. The Tire Rack Affiliate Program offers 6% commission per sale.

You also get 60 days of cookies with that, giving this affiliate program lots of potential.

7. Edmunds Affiliate Program

7. Edmunds Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car buying and selling, new cars, used cars, car reviews
  • Commission: $5-8
  • Cookie duration: 1 month

Edmunds is the go-to site for car shoppers.

The online marketplace doesn’t just list new cars and used cars up for grabs, but real car reviews that cater to a whole other market: car enthusiasts who want the nitty-gritty details on the newest releases.

As a result, the reviews also help buyers make an informed decision on their next car purchase.

No one wants to buy a car only to find out that it’s a high-maintenance piece of junk, and that’s what makes Edmunds such a trusted, high-traffic platform.

There are all kinds of autos to hunt for and buy on Edmunds, listed with the mileage, number of owners, and all the specs auto shoppers want to see.

Prices are also listed as “good” or “fair”, helping first-time buyers and non-gearheads know what they’re paying for.

So, where does affiliate marketing come into this?

Your goal is to generate a successful lead, which Edmunds defines as a completed dealer request form.

And for new cars, that’s $8 commission. For used cars, it’s $5. As for cookies, you get 30 days.

8. EZ Battery Reconditioning Affiliate Program

8. EZ Battery Reconditioning Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car batteries, car battery repair
  • Commission: 75%
  • Cookie duration: 2 months

We’re going to throw you a curveball here, but the commission pays high – so hear us out.

Take one look at the homepage of EZ Battery Reconditioning and you might be put off by the ‘90s commercial-style video that explains how old, dead batteries can be brought back to life.

The thing is, their (founder duo Tom and Frank, “The Battery Man”) secret method seems to work.

Detailed customer testimonials populate this company’s homepage, on top of media coverage from the likes of CNN, Fox News, DIY Network, and Better homes and Gardens.

EZ Battery Reconditioning is a course, put simply, one that teaches paying customers how to recondition old batteries – and this includes worn-out car batteries.

Promote the EZ Battery Reconditioning Course successfully and you can earn—wait for it—75% commission per sale. That’s huge.

Paired with a cookie duration of 60 days, the EZ Battery Reconditioning Affiliate Program is well worth your time and effort to refer.

9. MaXpeedingRods Affiliate Program

9. MaXpeedingRods Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: auto parts, car accessories, aftermarket
  • Commission: 8%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

MaXpeedingRods offers aftermarket auto parts and car accessories that cover pretty much everything a mechanic can list off the top of their head: coilovers, connecting rods, inverter generators, crankshafts, carburetors, drivetrains, and the rest.

Whether those words mean anything to you or not, the online inventory MaXpeedingRods boasts is far from limited, with parts categorized for every in-demand car brand you can think of: Chevrolet, BMW, Audi, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Mazda, Peugeot, Subaru, Toyota – the list goes on.

As a result, MaXpeedingRods is a need-to-know website for auto enthusiasts who like to tinker, accessorize, and upgrade their rides.

And since 2006, the company has established quite a reputation for itself, having over 30 warehouses and 4 million satisfied customers.

Sounds good? Promote MaXpeedingRods and earn 8% commission on all successful orders.

Cookie duration lasts 60 days.

And with the average order on MaXpeedingRods costing $180, there’s a lot of passive monthly income to gain here.

10. Rick’s Camaro Affiliate Program

10. Rick’s Camaro Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: Chevrolet Camaros, Camaro restoration, Camaro parts and accessories
  • Commission: $4
  • Cookie duration: up to 3 months

Rick’s Camaro is a parts and accessories lineup under Eckler’s – the huge automotive parts company that’s been restoring classic cars for over five decades.

So, you have probably put two and two together by now.

Yep, Rick’s Camaros offers restoration parts for Chevrolet Camaros.

And this includes all generations of Camaros – spanning from ‘67 to the newest Gen 6 Camaros on the market.

Camaro enthusiasts are in for a treat, needless to say.

The website is a Camaro lover’s paradise that stocks everything from interior accessories and leather upholstery to body panels and new engines – all the gear a Camaro owner needs to transform a beat-up Camaro into a new-looking whip that’s going to turn heads.

What’s worth noting is that car restoration isn’t cheap.

Which means this niche is a big earner for affiliates who can market Rick’s Camaro to the right audience.

For successful referrals, earn 4% commission on the Rick’s Camaro Affiliate Program.

Remember – car restoration isn’t cheap. As a bonus, cookies last up to 90 days.

11. Lasfit Affiliate Program

11. Lasfit Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: LED lights, automotive lighting, automotive bulbs
  • Commission: 8-15%
  • Cookie duration: 3 months

If you haven’t heard of Lasfit, can you guess what they manufacture? It’s lights.

LED lights and bulbs for cars and trucks. And these branded lights have a bigger audience than you might think.

Thousands of customers have posted real 5-star reviews for Lasfit’s custom products and customer service since 2015, making this auto parts company one that we need to shine a light on.

LED headlights are the new must-have item for most car owners – simply because regular, orange-tinted lights look outdated.

Lasfit knows this and has gone all-in on manufacturing ready-to-install LED bulbs for any car brand and any model.

That’s not all they offer, however, as they also manufacture a full range of high-quality, custom-fit floor mats – again, for any car model.

With the Lasfit Affiliate Program, earn between 8% and 15% commission per sale, depending on your referral performance.

Still, at the low end, this is a good rate considering the rising demand for these products.

Cookies also last 90 days, giving customers more than enough time to weigh up flashy new car lights.

12. AutoZone Affiliate Program

12. AutoZone Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car parts, car accessories
  • Commission: 3%
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

When it comes to auto parts and car accessories, AutoZone is the largest retailer the US has to offer – period.

It’s a company with instant brand recognition, bragging more than 6400 locations that go beyond the U.S.

The Memphis-based aftermarket parts and accessories retailer stocks everything car and truck drivers need, inside and out, including a nice selection of auto detailing products that will have auto detailing enthusiasts grabbing their wallets.

There are a ton of top brands on the website, most of which you can expect car enthusiasts to know.

This means that AutoZone is a prime target for car and auto affiliates, with an infinite amount of products and marketing content to push out.

At 3% commission, you might think the AutoZone Affiliate Program isn’t worth it.

But with 45-day cookie duration and, well, the sheer amount of products this high-traffic website has to offer, it’s worth joining, nevertheless.

13. Car Covers Affiliate Program

13. Car Covers Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car covers, car protection
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie duration: 1 month

There are some cars that just, well… need to be covered up.

Not because they’re eyesores, however, but because they need protecting.

Car Covers offers that protection. And not only for cars, but trucks, vans, motorcycles, and scooters.

Covers protect cars from the elements, including rain, hail, snow, ice, tree sap, and bird droppings.

Car covers can also be used to protect unused cars from dust and accidental damage.

This is where Car Covers comes in. And since 2008, they have made a decent trade.

Their car covers are tailor-made for any vehicle, all using high-quality weatherproof materials.

And with a name like “Car Covers”, it’s not hard to believe that this company tops the search engines.

You can get 10% commission on the Car Cover Affiliate Program, with cookies lasting 30 days.

It’s not hard to promote car protection, especially to auto detailers, so this is an affiliate program you should definitely try out.

14. Autobarn Affiliate Program

14. Autobarn Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car parts, car accessories
  • Commission: 8%
  • Cookie duration: 10 days

More auto parts and auto accessories are what you get with Autobarn – a six-decade-old (and still going strong) U.S. retailer that stocks tens of thousands of car products for spares, repairs, and upgrades.

Auto Barn simply has it all: interior and exterior car accessories, tools and repair equipment, car care products, motor oils, anti-freeze, brake parts, car lighting, tune up parts, garage accessories, and lots more.

In other words, another highly marketable one-stop auto shop for car owners who need repairs and enthusiasts who want to revamp or upgrade their ride.

The AutoBarn Affiliate Program pays out 8% commission per sale.

They even provide the marketing materials to get you going – banners, links, logos, and more (if you want them, that is).

Despite that, the cookie duration for this affiliate program isn’t the best we’ve seen.

In only 10 days, you need to make sure your referrals aren’t lousy.

15. Shine Armor Affiliate Program

15. Shine Armor Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: auto detailing, home auto detailing products
  • Commission: 25%
  • Cookie duration: 2 weeks

And we’re back to auto detailing.

Shine Armor calls itself a world leader in home auto detailing, and it’s not hard to believe considering that it’s had media support from Vice, Fox, AMC, ESPN, History Channel, and MSNBC.

Like Torque Detail, listed above, Shine Armor manufactures its own brand of car detailing products, including microfiber cloths, scratch removers, paint coaters, wax sprays, and ceramic sprays, plus tire shines, nano glass coating, car wash soap, and more.

Auto detailing is expensive – when you pay someone to do it for you.

That’s why Shine Armor is hitting a niche of auto detailing enthusiasts who want to pamper their cars from the comfort of their driveways.

What’s great about the Shine Armor Affiliate Program is that it pays 25% per sale – 10% more than Torque Detail.

A downside is the 2-week cookie duration, however, which is half the duration you get with Torque.

We still like this option for its niche potential, though.

And hey, there’s nothing stopping you from trying out both auto detailing affiliate programs.

16. AutoAnything Affiliate Program

16. AutoAnything Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car parts, car accessories
  • Commission: 2%
  • Cookie duration: 1 day

AutoAnything offers anything you can think of when it comes to replacement auto parts.

It stocks parts in the hundreds of thousands, targeting the auto repair market, car restoration market, car accessory market – you get the picture.

Like all the other auto parts and accessories distributors on this list, this stuff just doesn’t go out of demand.

People rely on their cars so much that repairs hardly ever get put off, making this niche a key area to promote.

And with all the right products at your disposal, your online content and advertisements can almost sell themselves.

With the AutoAnything Affiliate Program, you’re looking at just 2% per sale. Not a pulse-raising number by any means.

But like AutoBarn, you get the marketing materials put on a plate – product links, data feeds, banners, and more.

Cookie duration is also one day, so you might consider it unworthwhile.

But there’s still profit to find here if you approach it right, since AutoAnything is, after all, one of the country’s leading auto parts retailers.

17. Parts Geek Affiliate Program

17. Parts Geek Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: auto parts, car accessories
  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie duration: N/A

Ever shopped for a specific car part, but wasn’t sure if the part you found would fit your car?

PartsGeek is an online auto parts and auto accessories dealer with a website that makes finding the right car parts a breeze.

Its stocklist is also largely discounted, making this retailer super competitive when it comes to prices.

In fact, Parts Geek says that customers can save up to 80% by buying from them.

And having been in the industry for over a decade, it’s a well-established company with the kind of customers who are happy enough to endorse them with streams of 5-star reviews.

While the cookie duration isn’t disclosed, you can earn 5% commission for all successful referrals you send their way that result in a sale.

The Parts Geek Affiliate Program also supplies you with the marketing tools you need to promote them, including banners and text links, making your job much easier.

Honestly, when the least you have to do is slap a few marketing materials on your website, it’s almost a no-brainer.

18. Car Vertical Affiliate Program

18. Car Vertical Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car history checks, vehicle history reports, used cars
  • Commission: 25%
  • Cookie duration: 3 months

Anyone who’s bought a few used cars knows that history checks are worth looking at.

Knowing how many owners the car has had, the repairs it’s been through, accidents, new replacement parts, and more can be deciding factors for whether a used car is a worthwhile investment or not.

And to access this information, you need a VIN (vehicle identification number) decoder service that presents you with all the details you want to know.

CarVertical does just that.

It serves up full vehicle history reports without any hassle, backed by the likes of TopGear, AutoBild, Forbes, and Reuters.

It’s been used by over 1,000,000 customers in 50 countries, and even has a few awards to its name.

So, now that you know it’s good, what does the affiliate program have to offer?

The carVertical Affiliate Program pays out 25% per successful referral.

There’s no cap on commissions either, so rates can increase if your performance stands out.

Cookies last 90 days, as well, making this affiliate program a great choice overall.

19. Wheelzy Affiliate Program

19. Wheelzy Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car selling, used cars
  • Commission: 35%
  • Cookie duration: 1 month

Need to get rid of an old rust bucket? Wheelzy will buy it.

It’s a hassle-free service that calculates an offer for your car, picks it up, and then pays you.

As long as you are happy with the price, of course. So Wheelzy is a used car selling service, ultimately.

Car shoppers can’t buy cars on it, but it’s perfect for anyone who wants to get rid of a used car and fast – without all the hassle of listing it online and waiting for buyers to come knocking.

It’s legit as well, as Wheelzy boasts thousands of real customer reviews—over 25,000, if you want the numbers—and a TrustPilot star rating of 4.8 (out of 5).

Impressive, to say the least. The Wheelzy Affiliate Program invites you to cash in on this customer success.

And for every car sale you generate for them, you get a generous 35% commission.

Cookie duration is 30 days, but we really think this is an easy enough service to sell.

20. CarParts Affiliate Program

20. CarParts Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car parts, auto parts, car and auto accessories, truck parts
  • Commission: 10-12%
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

In 2020, joined forces with JC Whitney to become an even larger auto parts retailer.

CarParts sells high-quality aftermarket car and truck parts and JC Whitney sold “everything automotive”.

We don’t have to tell you that the two coming together is a match made in car heaven.

There are over 50 million car parts on the website, offering everything a car enthusiast, car detailer, or car mechanic needs.

It’s yet another one-stop shop for all things cars, with an affiliate program that most auto affiliates will want to get a piece of.

Up to 12% commission is what’s on offer on the Car Parts Affiliate Program.

But if that didn’t jumpstart your engine, you get a cookie duration of 45 days to work with.

Taking into account the higher-than-average commission rate and the massive choice of auto parts and truck parts this website puts out (and sells), it’s an affiliate program that shouldn’t require much thinking about.

21. Vivid Racing Affiliate Program

21. Vivid Racing Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: car parts, car accessories
  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie duration: 1 month

If your car and auto platform is all about performance, speed, and luxury, Vivid Racing is the affiliate program you’ve been hunting for.

Vivid Racing is North America’s best retailer for high-end aftermarket performance parts and accessories.

For sports cars, luxury cars, and supercars, it delivers the goods, from sleek rims and wheels to fuel components, OEM parts, and turbo.

For the racing fanatics, it also stocks racing apparel and its own line of Vivid Racing gear – including hats, stickers, and t-shirts.

So, it’s a well-known brand name as much as a successful distributor, making it one performance auto parts retailer that you need to consider.

And it’s not just for sports car and supercar gearheads, either, as most car owners are sure to find something to purchase from Vivid Racing’s extensive online inventory.

Think Vivid Racing is for you?

The Vivid Racing Affiliate Program offers 5% commission per sale, with 30 days’ affiliate cookies.

And with so many high-end auto parts to purchase from Vivid Racing, it’s not as bad a deal as you might initially think.

It gets our stamp of approval anyway.

22. Autopom Affiliate Program

22. Autopom Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: auto insurance, extended vehicle warranty
  • Commission: $10 per lead
  • Cookie duration: 1 year

Autopom! offers the peace of mind car owners need if they happen to experience an accident or breakdown.

It’s a car driver’s safety net, in other words, providing circumstance-specific quotes for vehicle owners from all the top insurance companies in the U.S.

For any car and auto platform, this is an easy sell as, let’s face it: no one wants to wreck their car – let alone deal with all the expensive auto repairs that often come afterward.

There’s only one way to describe it: a hassle.

But you can remove that hassle from your audience by promoting Autopom!

The Autopom Affiliate Program pays per lead.

And for every successful lead that you generate, you generate $10 for yourself.

If you approach your referrals right, these $10 profits can also appear out of nowhere – since the cookie duration is 365 days.

Yep, one whole year for each of your site visitors to decide whether or not they need auto insurance.

And let’s be honest, most drivers do.

23. Zoro Affiliate Program

23. Zoro Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: auto parts, auto accessories, truck parts
  • Commission: 4%
  • Cookie duration: 1 month

With over 3 million products going on its website, it might come as no surprise that Zoro doesn’t just deal in car products.

This popular supplier also offers marine and watersport products.

But rest assured that the big bulk of their product range is auto-related – including top-of-the-line parts, accessories, and spares for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and tractors.

So they supply everything, to put it simply.

Just take one look at the homepage and you’ll see what we mean.

But you’re here for the affiliate perks, so let’s get on with it.

The Zoro Affiliate Program offers 4% commission per sale and one month of cookies to close those sales.

It’s not an eye-popping amount, we know, but Zoro is one of the biggest auto suppliers you’ll find on the internet.

So there’s still potential here if you present your referrals with persuasive flair.

The fact that Zoro has an infinite amount of products on its website should be enough to keep your content flowing.

24. Buy Auto Parts Affiliate Program

24. Buy Auto Parts Affiliate Program

  • Products/niche: replacement car parts, replacement auto parts, car accessories
  • Commission: 5-8%
  • Cookie duration: 7 days

Last but not absolutely not least, Buy Auto Parts – or BAP, for short. is the number-one, go-to website in the US for replacement car parts.

Car parts don’t last forever, you might be surprised to find out, and when they do stop working, BuyAutoParts promises to have the right replacement.

And it keeps its promises.

As we mentioned somewhere above, there’s a huge market for replacement parts since, well… who among us can live without a working car?

Not us. That’s for sure.

For this reason, you shouldn’t worry too much about the 7-day cookie duration on the Buy Auto Parts Affiliate Program.

If customers need it for their car, rest assured they’ll buy it – as long as your referrals work up some magic.

And for commission, you’ll get between 5% and 8% per sale.

That might not sound like much, but it will when we tell you that BAP claims to have an average order value of $250.

Not bad, after all.

We know that a lot of these car affiliate programs are auto parts-related, and this might mean you’ll want to do some weighing up.

But Buy Auto Parts is definitely one worth looking at – if not for its online authority, but for the fact that this company reels in some serious profits.

How much profit?

North of $50 million per year. And for a company founded in 1989, that’s not bad going.

The bottom line is that this is a company that’s only set to gain more traction in the future, making it an easy investment for car and auto affiliates.

Final Word

With the right affiliate platform and audience, these car affiliate programs are sure to generate more profits for niche websites in the car and automobile industry – no matter what sub-niche is involved.

After all, the great thing with automobiles as a niche is that parts, accessories, insurance, rentals, car cleaning, and general maintenance all come as one neat package.

That also means the versatility of the online content you can create from these car companies is another bonus that will help you overtake the competition, driving more website traffic and commission along the way.

So with that said, it’s now over to you.