The makeup industry is worth over 600 billion dollars, and it looks set to keep on growing. In fact, the growth is expected to increase by around 5% within the next few years.

That is because makeup is a niche that a lot of people want to be a part of, whether that is wearing it or promoting it.

You can’t blame them either, as no matter what happens in the world, people will still apply makeup to their faces.

Sometimes even premium makeup, which thanks to the likes of Instagram, more people are buying.

It could be because it is aesthetically pleasing to photograph, or because it is one bit of luxury a person can afford – the point is, makeup is on the up.

This is why it is more important than ever to get ahead of the game. Makeup has had a consistent upwards trend for a number of years, despite economic hardships and money worries.

If you are looking to start your own makeup blog, or perhaps you are looking for extra affiliate programs, then you have come to the right place.

In this article we shall take a look at the 16 best makeup bloggers affiliate programs, and why they will influence your revenue stream.

So, shall we get to it? Let’s go!

The Best Makeup Bloggers Affiliate Programs

1. Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics

  • Official Name: Tarte Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 8% to 10%
  • Duration Of Cookies: 7 days
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics is a green beauty brand that is great for blogs who want to concentrate on vegan and clean makeup.

More and more brands are starting to follow this approach, mainly by releasing specialized ranges (which is great) but Tarte Cosmetics have 100% friendly products.

People are generally becoming more aware of what the products they use are coming from, being made, and if they are tested on animals.

With Tarte Cosmetics, you can feel rest assured that you are promoting a brand which is super animal friendly.

Their online store is helpful too to make shopping digitally easy for their customers – there are 10 million of them on Instagram.

This means they are more likely to purchase a product without going elsewhere, such as a different online store, or visiting a store in person.

One of the ways they make shopping easier for their consumers is by providing a foundation shade matching service, allowing people to invest their money safely in the knowledge that they will be buying the correct shade.

The commission rate for each product sold is a competitive 10 percent. Whilst the cookie duration is only 7 days, it is still a decent amount of time to receive sales.

2. Sephora


  • Official Name: Sephora Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Up to 10% for every sale
  • Duration Of Cookies: 30 days
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics

Sephora is a dominant brand when it comes to the beauty industry within the USA. With over 21 million followers on Instagram alone, it is safe to say that even globally they are a force to be reckoned with.

Sephora has been around for just shy of over 50 years, and was founded in France, despite a lot of people thinking it is an American company – its headquarters are located in Paris, one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world.

The brand does well because not only does Sephora stock a wide range of makeup products, but they like to include exclusives too. The brand also embraces new technology, and incorporates that into their website.

For example, they took a big risk by introducing m-commerce so people could buy the products using their mobile device, and have invested a lot of their time in VR technology to heighten the customer’s shopping experience.

These advancements in technology also helped them once COVID-19 hit the world, because it meant people could still order all their makeup products, despite having nowhere to go.

Having said that, Zoom was a big thing back then, and makeup was a must for many!

If you do decide to add Sephora to your affiliate portfolio, then you can expect to earn up to 10 percent on every sale.

You will also have the option to choose different brands to earn from and promote, and can offer things such as free shipping and product samples.

3. Spencer Barnes (SBLA)

Spencer Barnes (SBLA)

  • Official Name: SBLA Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 8% for every sale
  • Duration Of Cookies: 30 days
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics (and skincare)

When it comes to celebrity endorsements, Spencer Barnes makeup is one of the best at it.

In fact, the brand uses celebrities and influencers within the marketing at a heavy rate, making this one of the top ways they promote the products.

Not only that, it is said that celebrities do actually use Spencer Barnes makeup, which only adds to the overall popularity of the brand.

Doing so builds up trust for consumers – if a certain celebrity is using it, then the product must be good, right?

Whilst you might not want to name drop every celebrity or influencer who is using Spencer Barnes makeup right now, you might want to note that the makeup targets specific areas of the face, for example the eyebrows, the nose and the lips.

The expensive and high end products are also sold out the majority of the time, which can be an annoyance if you are looking at receiving commission.

However, they are stocked quite quickly, and you can use the quick sales as a tactic for people to buy now.

Speaking of commission, you can make 8 percent on every sale, with the cookie duration lasting a good 30 days.

4. NARS Cosmetics

NARS Cosmetics

  • Official Name: NARS Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Up to 14%
  • Duration Of Cookies: Up to 7 days
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics

NARS could be considered a 90s brand due to the brand being launched back in the mind-nineties.

Despite their humble beginnings as a lipstick only company – they had 12 different colors which they sold at Barneys in New York – they have come a long way since then.

They are said to be one of the best makeup brands out there today, with many professional artists using the products.

More recently, they also sold their own NFTs.

The brand has plenty of loyal fans who consider NARS to be the icing on the cake. They have over 8 million followers on Instagram and counting, and create quality makeup products that are worth the money. However, they are not considered to be cruelty free.

Why is this? Whilst they do not actively test on animals, like a lot of brands, they sell in China who will test products on animals. Some brands decide not to sell in China for this reason.

The great thing about NARS however, is that you can earn up to 14 percent commission via every sale making it super competitive. The cookie duration is low at 7 days, but the high commission makes it worth it.

5. Olive Young

Olive Young

  • Official Name: Olive Young Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10% for every sale
  • Duration Of Cookies: 30 days
  • Type Of Products: K-beauty

Korean beauty, which is also known as K beauty for short, has seen a rise in popularity within the Western world within the last few years.

Thanks to the unique ingredients, often cute packaging, and the likes of BTS and Black Pink taking over the radio, you can see why makeup lovers like all things South Korean.

Whilst Korean beauty has made waves recently, you will want to find out what makes them so special.

Whilst the ingredients can be different from something you can find in the USA for example, they also might have interesting looking packages that make them stand out.

Speaking of ingredients, you will find that a lot of the Korean makeup, and even the skincare, blurs the lines between Asian and Western ingredients and manufacturing. This can make for some pretty interesting makeup too!

Olive Young is an online K beauty store that caters to a Western audience, and features items that are suitable to be used on the eyes, face, nails, and lips, among so much more.

The affiliate program allows you to earn up to 10 percent per sale, with the cookie duration lasting for 30 full days. Not only that, you can promote free shipping worldwide when a person orders over $60 worth of items.

6. Clarins


  • Official Name: Clarins Affiliate Program
  • Commission: From 4% to 20%
  • Duration Of Cookies: 7 days
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics (and skincare)

Clarins is at the top of its game when it comes to French makeup and skincare. It has been around for more than 60 years, so no doubt somebody in your family has used it at some point or another.

The premium makeup brand has a strong reputation as being a luxury treat, and one that is led by innovative ingredients and formulas.

They have recently created plant-based products that use the power of natural ingredients to nourish and protect the skin.

It also stretches to their makeup too, such as the mascara which includes bitter orange flower to help the formula sustain its hold and definition.

Whilst at the higher end of the market, Clarins would be a perfect fit for a blog that wants to feature trusted makeup for an audience who are willing to splurge on classic must-have items.

Fortunately, commission can reach as high as 20 percent on each sale, and this sounds even better knowing that the brand ships worldwide too – more options for people to buy.

The cookie duration is only 7 days, but this gives you enough time to earn some good commission. And anyway, the percentage is so high, so what is not to love?

7. Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher

  • Official Name: Yves Rocher Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 15% for every sale
  • Duration Of Cookies: 30 days
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics

Yves Rocher is similar to that of Elizabeth Arden and MAC Cosmetics, in the fact they are all established within the makeup and beauty industry.

Whilst the other two brands are a little on the higher price range – okay, more than a little – Yves Rocher is seen as accessible.

This is because the price point of the products are easier on the wallet. They have made an effort to not overcharge for any of their products to make sure that anyone has a chance to own some of their makeup and skincare.

If you decide to add Yves Rocher to your affiliate portfolio, then you can expect to achieve around 15 percent for every sale made.

8. MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics

  • Official Name: MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 5.41% to 10%
  • Duration Of Cookies: 7 days
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics

If there is a cosmetics brand that oozes nostalgia, it is MAC. Whilst once only used by professional makeup artists (and targeted at them too), it is now used by the majority of people who wear makeup.

Why? Because it is so darn good. The loyal fanbase has been following MAC for over 30 years, and with good reason too. The brand has high performing makeup that does not need much apart from word of mouth.

This makes adding MAC to your affiliate portfolio a must. Just mentioning the name to a makeup enthusiast will make them curious about the product at hand.

From their iconic lipsticks, to eyeliner that is so good it sticks to the skin even during a sweaty heatwave, MAC is one of the biggest names in the industry.

The commission from each MAC sale can reach up to 10 percent, with a cookie duration of 7 days.

You may have noticed by now that 7 days is a good minimum to have when it comes to cookies. Whilst it is much, much shorter than 30 days, it is still plenty of time to earn commission.

9. Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden

  • Official Name: Elizabeth Arden Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 8% for every sale
  • Duration Of Cookies: 30 days
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics (and skincare)

Elizabeth Arden was founded more than a hundred years ago back in 1910. It is testament to how successful the brand is, seeing as not only is it still thriving today, but has loyal customers who keep on returning through the different generations.

Whilst Elizabeth Arden began as a salon in New York, the brand now boasts a plethora of products that are sold across the world.

Just having the name of the brand written across a product immediately tells a person that what is inside the packaging is quality stuff.

A lot of people think of skincare products first when it comes to Elizabeth Arden, but the brand also has a great reputation when it comes to its makeup too.

An affiliate can earn 8 percent commission on every order which has been made by a referral who has not purchased anything off the website before. However, it has to be done within 30 days of the link going live.

Because Elizabeth Arden is completely established within this industry, it should not be hard to sell some products. This makes it an attractive affiliate program.

10. NYX Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics

  • Official Name: NYX Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 2% for every sale
  • Duration Of Cookies: 15 days
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics

NYX is a brand that was founded at the latter end of the 90s. These days, the company spends a lot of its time celebrating equality, and producing a high amount of different colors to suit all tones of skin.

Whilst affordable, their products are seen as a go-to by those who adore makeup. That is because the packaging and marketing is bright and attractive, and the quality of the makeup is high.

One of the biggest demographics of NYX is those who are considered to be Gen Z, and those who are at the cusp of being a millennial. So, if you are looking to target a younger audience, then NYX Cosmetics is a great place to start.

However, the commission is only 2 percent for every sale. Having said that, you will have the chance to promote exclusive offers, and no doubt people will come back and keep buying more.

11. E.L.F.


  • Official Name: E.L.F. Affiliate Program
  • Commission: From 4.99% to 12%
  • Duration Of Cookies: 15 days
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics (and skincare)

E.L.F., which stands for Eyes Lips Face, is a budget-friendly brand that does not compromise on quality.

Whilst their prices might seem a little too cheap – do not be fooled. They provide professional results for those who do not have the same disposable income as somebody who might buy a CHANEL foundation.

It is not just that either – E.L.F. create accessible makeup (and skincare) that is available to the masses. They literally ship to a worldwide audience.

However, whilst the majority of people are likely to buy E.L.F. online, you can purchase the makeup in places like Walmart and Target.

The range of makeup products is vast. The brand has everything a person might need to create a day look, or a night look.

Because of this, and the fact that the prices are lower than most other makeup brands, a lot of people will purchase items in bulk.

This is great for those who have decided to add E.L.F. as an affiliate on their blog. You could earn up to 12 percent per sale through commission.

The brand also has the option to place banners which can also accumulate money with a 0.07 percent click through rate.

Not only that, the cookie duration is a long 15 days.

12. Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

  • Official Name: Charlotte Tilbury Affiliate Program
  • Commission: From 12% to 15%
  • Duration Of Cookies: 6
  • Type Of Products: Not listed

When it comes to premium high end makeup, you might hear Charlotte Tilbury mentioned. Whilst the woman behind the name began as a makeup artist in London, following this with a Youtube channel in 2012, she launched her makeup brand the following year at Selfridges.

Now with an MBE, and as a beauty editor in British Vogue, her award-winning makeup has become a go-to brand for those who want instagrammable packaging and great results.

Whilst the makeup has a higher than usual price tag for many, this should not put you off adding Charlotte Tilbury to your blog’s affiliate portfolio.

In fact, there are so many incentives you can use, it would be silly not to explore using such a high end brand if it suits your blog.

For example, the commission you could earn is up to 15 percent per sale, though the cookie duration has not been listed. You can also offer perks to your audience, from free samples to free ground shipping.

The online store also ships worldwide, meaning there will be plenty of chances for people to buy the makeup. With so many fans of the brand, there will no doubt be sales!

13. Glossier


  • Official Name: Glossier Affiliate Program
  • Commission: From 7% to 20%
  • Duration Of Cookies: Not listed
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics (and skincare)

Glossier has grown to incredible levels since its launch back in 2014. Whilst it was created on the back of an online beauty blog called Into the Gloss, it has become a thing of its own.

It played on the ‘no makeup’ yet you are wearing makeup appeal that was trending for a while, and it still does to some degree.

It showed that you could achieve dewy and healthy looking skin by using a scaled back and simple skincare and makeup routine.

In the months ahead when makeup and skincare was becoming a ‘who can use the most products at one time’ thing, Glossier stood its ground as keeping things basic, without being a basic brand.

Whilst today Glossier has more products available which can target specific skin types and issues, the brand makes sure not to overdo their ranges. For example, you will only find one zit stick, and one kind of retinol.

The simple thing about having Glossier as an affiliate means that you do not need to know any complex words, or have to try and decipher the different ranges.

And, at a commission that could reach a whopping 20 percent, why wouldn’t you want to work alongside Glossier?

14. BabeBox


  • Official Name: BabeBox Affiliate Program
  • Commission: $5 for every sale
  • Duration Of Cookies: 30 days
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics

When it comes to subscription boxes, you will find that most of the time, they are one of the best products when it comes to affiliate marketing.

This is because people are usually getting themselves a good deal – a selection of items that are now less than half the price. What is not to love?

Also, despite the savings, big money can be spent. This is especially true if they decide to buy a 12 month subscription, or order a one month box for a few friends, or if there is the capability of buying full size products in the brand’s online store.

BabeBox is no different. You can order a box for $24 a month and receive at the very least around $100 worth of makeup every single month.

That is either 4 or 5 premium and good quality makeup items that have been specifically picked for the customer.

The good news is, the products are full size too, meaning a lot more people will be tempted to join BabeBox. Also, you can buy products directly from the website and still earn some commission.

Whilst you do not get a percentage when it comes to the commission, you do receive $5 no matter the price of the purchase.

Despite not being a huge amount on a purchase that is around, let’s say, a hundred dollars, you will at least know how much you are getting.

15. BK Beauty

BK Beauty

  • Official Name: BK Beauty Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 15% for every sale
  • Duration Of Cookies: 30 days
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics

Whilst Tarte Cosmetics is a popular green brand, BK Beauty is another company which focuses its attention on creating products that are both cruelty free and vegan.

This smaller niche has been growing rapidly since people have started to think about where the products they buy are coming from, and whether they affect the planet, or test on animals.

The brand itself concentrates mainly on the accessories that go alongside makeup, for example brushes, making it a great companion to a company like Tarte Cosmetics.

However, it does have simple lipsticks and the like which pack a punch on both color and quality.

The brushes also feel like the real deal (we are talking animal hair) without actually hurting anyone. With great feedback and premium products, it is no wonder that people keep on using BK Beauty brushes.

Having been created by makeup and beauty influencers, the brand already has a big slice of the pie within the industry. You can too, because you can earn a commission of 15 percent from every sale.

This is a great amount, because with most of the items being at a premium price, you can earn quite a bit of dollars through most purchases.

16. DermStore


  • Official Name: DermStore Affiliate Program
  • Commission: From 2% to 15%
  • Duration Of Cookies: 30 days
  • Type Of Products: Cosmetics (and skincare)

If your blog features makeup that does a little bit more than creating beautiful colors and hiding tired eyes, then DermStore is a good brand to take a look at.

The online store features products that use ingredients to benefit the skin, too.

Whilst the store also sells top of the range skincare products, the makeup is also considered to be premium.

Speaking of skincare, the store sells professional strength products without the need for going to a dermatologist.

When it comes to the makeup, you will find high end skin tints and eyebrow conditioners, along with must-have foundations and hyaluronic acid lip balms. If the makeup has a boosting element to it, you will find it here.

The cookie duration is up to 30 days, and you can earn a 2 percent commission on every sale made by a returning customer. There is also a chance to make up to 15 percent commission from a brand new customer’s purchase.

The affiliate program comes with some perks, such as a ‘buy now pay later’ link, as well as the option to give out coupon codes to new customers.

Final Thoughts

Makeup, and the beauty industry in general, has seen a considerable increase of revenue and interest over the last few years. By 2025, it is estimated that it will be worth over 700 billion dollars.

That is an incredible amount of money, so it is no surprise that you might want to have a slice of the cake and eat it – and you can.

By creating a blog that turns your passion for makeup into a side hustle, you can make money from this niche.

By choosing the right affiliate programs for your blog, and making sure you create accessible and interesting content for your target audience, you could be making a few dollars here and there (and way more) that it could be a side hobby.

It could even become a full-time career, especially if you take the time and effort to understand the market of this specialized area. Doing so will no doubt reap you some financial rewards.

Hopefully this article has helped you on your journey to being a first time makeup blogger, or has at least inspired you to add more companies to your affiliate portfolio.

If you are looking for beauty affiliates, then we have an article on 25 beauty bloggers affiliates here.

Happy blogging!

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